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About ATPS

The ATPS is a trans-disciplinary network of researchers, policymakers, private sector actors and the civil society that promote the generation, dissemination, use and mastery of STI for African development, environmental sustainability and global inclusion. 

In collaboration with like-minded institutions, ATPS provides platforms for collaborative and innovative policy research to support African governments and STI institutions/stakeholders to build necessary knowledge conditions and infrastructures, policies and incentives, and capabilities for STI knowledge generation, brokerage, circulation, and socialization to ensure effective valorization and commercialization of scientific and indigenous knowledge into new technologies and innovations for sustainable development on the continent.

Today, the ATPS has over 1,500 members and 3000 stakeholders in over 51 countries in 5 continents with institutional partnerships worldwide. We implement our programs through members in national chapters established in 30 countries (27 in Africa and 3 Diaspora chapters in the Australia, United States of America, and United Kingdom) with its secretariat in Nairobi Kenya.

The 2014 Global Go Think Tanks and Civil Society Index released in January 2015, ranks the ATPS as the best managed Think Tank in Africa (19th globally); best Think Tank Network in Africa (14th globally); and the best Think Tank in Africa with the Most Significant Impact on Public Policy (31st globally). ATPS also ranked first amongst its peers in Africa in most of the criteria relevant to its mandate and strategic priorities, including: Best institutional collaboration involving two or more Think Tanks (15th globally); Best Trans-disciplinary Research Program at a Think Tank (11th globally); and Think Tanks with the Best Use of the Internet (26th globally).

ATPS Vision:

To become the leading international centre of excellence and reference in science, technology and innovation systems research, training and capacity building, communication and sensitization, knowledge brokerage, policy advocacy and outreach in Africa.

ATPS Mission:

To improve the quality of science, technology and innovation systems research and policy making in Africa by strengthening capacity for science and technology knowledge generation, communication and dissemination, use and mastery for sustainable development in Africa

Overall Objective:

To develop Africa’s STI capacity (knowledge basis & infrastructure, knowledge circulation & networks, knowledge conditions & policies) today for sustainable African development tomorrow

ATPS Motto:

Building Africa’s capabilities in science, technology and innovation (STI) policy research, policymaking and policy implementation for sustainable development.

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