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The ATPS Phase VII Strategy

Executive Summary

Our planet earth is facing a convergence of crisis: climate change induced extreme events, global financial crisis, deepening poverty and unemployment, energy and food insecurity, social inequities and political instability, and fast depleting natural assets. These exacerbate the challenge of sustainable development at all scales.

There is growing consensus that new pathways to development are urgently required and “the search for solutions need to shift from the search for more financial resources to “growing smart”. Transitioning from current to the desired growth pathways requires unprecedented systemic transformations in knowledge, technologies and innovation at all levels: from institutional/governance innovations, to products/service innovations up to social innovations that address the needs of the masses at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Bridging the chasms between public opinion, the scientific, technological and innovation (STI) capabilities, and public policy required to deliver the transitions at the required speed and scale remains problematic.

Africa holds great promise and opportunities for shaping these transitions. Its rich resource endowments and largely undeveloped economies provide opportunities for leapfrogging to more sustainable development pathways at reduced social, economic and environmental costs. Unless urgent actions are taken to address the STI policy and knowledge capacity gaps in Africa, the capability to sustain the development gains so far achieved in Africa and avoid social catastrophes including growing youth unemployment and the associated restive societies remain bleak.

In collaboration with like-minded institutions, ATPS provides platforms for collaborative and innovative policy research and knowledge brokerage for addressing this challenge. The ATPS supports African governments and STI institutions/stakeholders to build necessary knowledge conditions and infrastructures, policies and incentives, and capabilities for STI knowledge generation, brokerage, circulation, and socialisation to ensure effective valorisation and commercialization of scientific and indigenous knowledge into new technologies and innovations for sustainable development on the continent.

The Phase VII Strategic Plan is designed to improving the understanding and functioning of STI policy research and policymaking processes and systems to strengthen capabilities, social responses, and governance of STI-led sustainable development in Africa.

The six strategic activities include:

  1. STI Policy Research and Research Capacity Building (STI-RCB) 
  2. Intra-Africa and Global Collaboration and Partnership (IGCP) 
  3. Youth and Gender Empowerment (YGEP) 
  4. Training and Sensitization (T&S) 
  5. STI Knowledge Brokerage, Commercialization and Policy Advocacy (KB-CPA) 
  6. Cross Cutting Goals (CCGs)

Target Beneficiaries

Our target beneficiaries include African Union Commission (AUC), the African Development Bank (AfDB), New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD), African Regional Economic Communities (RECs), national governments, Universities and Colleges of Education; and Practitioners at the grassroots including youths and women, farmers and community based organisations, the private sector, among others. Drawing on its rich network of experts in all aspects of the innovation systems in African countries: the policymakers, science experts, private sector actors and the civil society actors, ATPS ensures that its STI policy research and policy making programs are fully embedding Africa’s social, economic and political realities, addressing African policy priorities; effectively engaging all actors in the relevant innovation system; and implemented at improved cost-effectiveness and low administration costs ratios.

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