Our Approach

Drawing on its rich network of experts in all aspects of the innovation systems in African countries: the policymakers, science experts, private sector actors and the civil society actors (Figure 3), ATPS ensures that its STI policy research and policy making programs are:

  • fully embedding Africa’s social, economic and political realities, addressing African policy priorities (i.e. socialization of STI in Africa);
  • effectively engaging all actors in the relevant innovation system in knowledge generation, dissemination, and deployment in policy design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation (i.e. democratic governance of STI in Africa);
  • implemented at improved cost-effectiveness and low administration costs ratios (i.e. enhanced value for money invested).
  • Achieving tangible impacts on livelihoods of citizens in African communities;
  • Influencing and informing public policies with cutting edge STI knowledge;
  • Fostering development, deployment and diffusion and technological and social innovations at all scales for African development;
  • Facilitating intra-Africa and global partnerships in STI policy research, policymaking and implementation for sustainable development;
  • Nurturing and harnessing the innovative capabilities of African youths and women;
  • Brokering the sharing of knowledge, technologies and innovations within African countries and internationally; and
  • Building STI capabilities for sustainable development in Africa.

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