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National Coordinators

Each National Chapter Coordinator provides intellectual and administrative leadership for ATPS activities in his/her country. The Secretariat liaises with national chapters to raise funds for carrying various STI capacity building activates at the country levels. The national chapters liaises with relevant STI Ministries, Knowledge Institutions and Private Sector Actors in their country to identify and prioritize STI capacity building needs at the country level. These identified needs inform the overall regional strategic plan of the ATPS for each strategic phase, usually covering a four year period. Each chapter provides national strategic plans outlining priority areas of STI research, training and capacity building, and science communication in their various countries each year. These identified short term priority areas guide the research, training/capacity building and science communication implementation activities of ATPS at both regional and country levels. The chapters are encouraged to register as None Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in their country to increase visibility and impact. They are also encouraged to fundraise to support national activities from national organizations, national governments, etc. Current membership of the ATPS covers 27 countries in Africa and 2 chapters in the diaspora

Benin Chapter Co-orfinator

Dr Roch L. Mongbo

Senior Lecturer and Researcher

FIDESPRA/University of Abomey Calava and CEBEDES-XU dodo

02 BP 778

Cotonou, Bénin

Tél: (229) -21304139

Celll: (229) -95966446


Dr Roch Mongbo is the coordinator of Le Forum International pour le Développement et l'Echange de Savoir et de Savoir-faire au Service d'une Promotion Rurale (FIDESPRA), and the Executive Director of Le Centre Béninois pour l'Environnement et le Développement Econmique et Social (CEBEDES) with 18 years of experience in practical and field training. He has held senior management positions where planning and management are part of his responsibilities. He holds a PhD in Agronomic and Environmental Sciences and a Masters Degree in Management of Agricultural Knowledge Systems from Wageningen University, Netherlands. He also holds a Masters in Rural Economics and Sociology from International Institute for Tropic Agriculture (IITA) Ibadan, Nigeria. He is involved in the design, implementation and coordination of several projects including alleviation and food security, natural resources management, institution decentralization and local development among others. Mongbo is also a member of research networks and associations, and a consultant for both international and national organizations.


Côte d''Ivoire Chapter Co-ordinator

Dr Benoit KABORE

Universite de Ouagadougou

01 BP 4487

Ouagadougou 01

Burkina Faso

Cell: +226-70403013/78812008/75980731



Cameroon Chapter Co-ordinator

Mr Sylvester Ndeso Atanga

Lecturer, Epidemiology & Public Health

Faculty of Health Sciences

University of Buea

P.O. Box 63

South West Province

Republic of Cameroon

Tel +237 75816047

Cell +237 99841433


Dr Sylvester Ndeso-Atanga is an Assistant lecturer in Epidemiology and nursing sciences at the University of Buea, Faculty of Health of Health sciences, department of Nursing has enormous experience in the area of Epidemiology having worked as a Research fellow, Chief of Epidemiology among other tasks. He holds a PhD. from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, M.P.H. (Masters in Public Health) from Yale University School of Medicine, B.A. (Hans) Degree in Health, Medicine and Society from The City College of the City University of New York and a Diploma in Nursing from The Jewish Hospital & Medical Centre of Brooklyn.


Ethiopia Chapter Co-ordinator

Mr. Wondwossen Belete

National Coordinator


P.O.Box 25453

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tel: 251-11-6462428

Cel: +251-911-886709



Ghana Chapter Co-ordinator

Dr Fred Amu Mensah

Senior Research Scientist

CSIR Water Research Institute

P.O.Box M.32

Accra, Ghana

Tel: 233-24-4748197

Fax: 233-21-77-7170

Email: assabil@aim.com



Kenya Chapter Co-ordinator

Mr Kenneth Aduda is a Principal Research Scientist at Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI). He has been responsible for management of World Bank/GOK funded technology and business development project which has contributed to the growth of more than 1600 medium size enterprises (MSE). He is also involved in formulation of MSE Sessional Paper, national ICT policies; energy policies; renewable energy development & standards; energy management in private and public sector; capacity building of Engineers/Manager.


Lesotho Chapter Co-ordinator

Mr. Denis Sekoja Phakisi

Acting National Coordinator

Manufacturing Manager

Loti Brick

P.O. Box 8008, Maseru 100, Lesotho

Tel: +266 5885 3389

Fax: +266 22310071

Email: ds.phakisi@lycos.com 


Malawi Chapter Co-ordinator

Dr Kingdom M. Kwapata is a Lecturer in Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology for Horticulture and Forest Crops at the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Bunda College since 2011. He was formerly an Assistant Professor of chemistry and microbiology for health practitioners at the Lansing Community College USA from 2009-2011. He was also a former National Coordinator, Malawi Human Rights Youth Network from 2002-2006. Dr. Kwapata has developed an efficient and reproducible system for in vitro regeneration and genetic transformation of dry beans which has been patented under the international patenting laws. Using the system he has further developed, several transgenic bean lines with genes that confer drought tolerance (HVA1, LEA 3 proteins), antifungal resistance gene (gf2.8 an oxalate oxidase), herbicide resistant gene (B-glucuronidase ), screenable marker gene (GUS) and an anti-HIV pharmaceutical gene (SLPI). 

Dr Kwapata holds a PhD in Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology from the Michigan State University (2006 – 2010), an MSc in Horticulture Biotechnology from the University of Malawi (2004-2006), and a BSc. in Agriculture from the University of Malawi (1997 – 2001). 

Contact details:

Dr Kingdom  M. Kwapata 


Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology for Horticulture and Forest Crops

Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 

Bunda College, P.O. Box 219, Lilongwe, Malawi

E-mail: kwapata@yahoo.com

Tel: +265-999195477


Mozambique Chapter Co-ordinator

Eng. Lourino Alberto Chemane

ICT and Planning Advisor

Executive Secretariat, ICT Policy Commission

Bairro da Coop

Rua Particular Dr Antonio de Almeida

61 R/C Direito, Maputo


Tel: +258 1 309398

Fax: +258 1 302289

Email: chemane@zebra.uem.mz

Mr Chemane holds a masters degree in electronic engineering from University of Pretoria and is currently pursuing a PhD programme on a part-time basis at the University of Stockholm, Sweden. He is a certified CISCO network associate and a member of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE). Chemane is also a consultant for various organizations.


Nigeria Chapter Co-ordinator

Prof Michael C. Madukwe

Tel: +234 42 771019

Fax: +234 42 771500

Email: natps@hyperia.com or


Prof Madukwe is Professor at the Department of Agricultural Extension, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria. Prof Madukwe's holds special interest in Agrio-technology transfer policy, Agricultural Innovation System and SME.


Nigeria Chapter Co-ordinator

Prof Femi Olokesusi

Nigerian Institute for Social

and Economic Research (NISER)

P.M.B 5 UI Post Office

Oyo Road, Ojoo

Ibadan, Nigeria

Tel: +234 2 8103345/8102904

Fax: +234 2 2413121

Email: olokesus@niser.org.ng

Prof Adefemi Olatunde Olokesusi is responsible for NISER's research activities on environmental issues at the Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER), Ibadan. Prof Olokesusi holds a PhD in environmental planning from the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria, Masters in Environmental Studies from York University, North York, Ontario, Canada and a Bachelor of Sciences in Botany from University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria. He is also a part-time lecturer on transport and environment at the Ogun State University, Centre for Transport studies, go-Iwoye, Nigeria.


Senegal Chapter Co-ordinator

ATPS is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Papa Alione Sarr Ndiaye as the National Coordinator for ATPS Senegal Chapter. Dr Ndiaye who was formally appointed by the ATPS Board in June 2005 takes over from Dr Medou Diakhate

Dr Ndiaye is a specialist in Electronics, Data Processing, Wind and Solar Energy. He holds a University Diploma in Science from the Université Paul Sabatier (UPS), Toulouse and a Master's degree in Electronics, Electrotechnics and Automatics from the same university. Presently, Dr Ndiaye is a senior lecturer at the L'ecole Superieure Polytechnique de Dakar teaching courses in Analogue Electronics, Wind Energy Control and Electric Energy Control. Dr Ndiaye has furthermore been involved in a number of regional and international training seminars such as the First, Second and Third Renewable Energy Conference in Reading, UK.


Sierra Leone Chapter Co-ordinator

Mr Chris Squire,

Head, Dept of Mechanical Engineering

University of Sierra Leone

C/o Computech, 22 Pultney Street

P.O. Box 603

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Tel: +232 22 227831

Fax: +232 22 227453

Email: chris@sierratel.sl

Mr. Chris Squire, is the Head, department of Mechanical Engineering and the Executive Commissioner of National Commission of the Environment and Forestry (NACEF) in Sierra Leone.


South Africa Chapter Co-ordinator

Professor Mark SWILLING

Sustainability Institute, School of Public Management and Planning

Stellenbosch University, Private Bag X1, Matieland, 7602, South Africa

Cell: +27(0)83-459 7417

Tel: +27(0)21-881 3196

Fax: +27(0)21 - 881 3294

Email: swilling@sun.ac.za


Swaziland Chapter Co-ordinator

Dr Musa Dube,

Faculty of Agriculture

University of Swaziland

Luyengo Campus

P. O. Luyengo, Swaziland

Tel: +268 5283021-3

Fax: +268 83021/83441

Email: madube@agric.uniswa.sz

Dr Musa Dube is a senior lecturer at the department of agricultural education and extension, Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Swaziland. Dr Dube holds a PhD in Agricultural extension from Iowa State University, a Master of Science in Agricultural extension Education from Michigan State, University and a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education from West Virginia State University, USA. He has also been the Secretary of the Royal Swaziland Society of Science and Technology (RSSST) since 1986. He was also chairman of association of the Swaziland association of adult education (SAAE) between 1986 and 1990.


Tanzania Chapter Co-ordinator

Bitrina D. Diyamett

Senior Scientific Officer

Tanzania Council for Science and Technology (COSTECH)

P.O. Box 32183

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Tel: +007 222 700745

Fax: +007 222 775313

Email: bitrind@yahoo.com

Ms Diyamett holds a Masters in Science and Technology Policy from the University of Lund, Sweden and a Bsc in Education from the University of Dar es Salaam where she is currently a PhD student. Her PhD thesis is on Inter-organization linkage and innovativeness in the Tanzanian metal working and engineering sector which is sponsored by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). Bitrina is also the president of Tanzania Association of Inventors (TAI).


Uganda Chapter Co-ordinator

Mr.John Okuonzi

Uganda Chapter Co-ordinator


Zambia Chapter Co-ordinator

Ms  Lilian  ZULU  

National Coordinator

Coordinator, Centre for Energy Environment and Engineering Zambia (CEEEZ)  Ltd, 176 Parirenyatwa Road

Suite B. Fairview, P/B E721

Lusaka, Zambia

Tel/Fax: +260 211 223118

Email: ceeez@zamnet.zm; lmunyeka@yahoo.com; yambafd@yahoo.com 



Burkina Faso Chapter Co-ordinator

Regions, provinces, and departments of Burkina Faso Kabore

Université de Ouagadougou

01 BP 4487

Ouagadougou 01

Tel: 226 812008/380715

Email: kaboben@hotmail.com

Dr Benôit Kabore, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, holds a doctorate in education from the University of Montreal, Canada. He has worked in various capacities locally and internationally: at the University of Burkina Faso as a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Training, Research and Humanities and as a research assistant in education at the University of Monteal. He was honoured with décoré chevalier de l'ordre du mérite du Burkena (an award in recognition of achievements made for the benefit of the society).


Mali Chapter Co-ordinator

Dr Sidiki Gabriel Dembélé

Agrochimie/Agroforesterie et Fertilité des sols

Bureau Ouest-Africain d'Appui Organisational et de Technologies Appropiées

B.P. E 3730, Bamako, Mali

Tél. : (223) 26 2559

Fax : (223) 23 1086

Cell : (223) 71 3806

Email : sidikigabriel@hotmail.com

Dr Sidiki Dembélé is a senior lecture rat the Rural Polytechnic Institute of Training and Applied (IPR/IFRA) of the University of Mali, Katibougou. Dembélé is a specialist in soil fertility management, production of organic fertilizers and agronomic and economic efficacy in the use of fertilizers. He has held senior positions in local and international research institutions including Expérimenter et promouvoir l'approche d'assainissement écologuque (ECOSAN) and the International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF). He has a PhD in agro chemistry and a Masters degree in science. Dembélé brings a good knowledge of science and technology issues that will be an asset to setting up the new chapter.


National Coordinator - Cote d'Ivoire

Dr. Arsène KOUADIO,

Associate Professor, University of Abidjan-Cocody ; Researcher, CIRES

Director, Laboratoire de croissance Economique

Executive Director, Institut pour le Développement (IPD),

Coordinator, ATPS Côe d'Ivoire,

Coordinator, RIA Côte d'Ivoire,

Fellow Researcher, AERC, Poverty Economic Policy (PEP),

Cocody, Boulelevard Latrille

08 B.P. 1295 Abidjan 08, Côte d'Ivoire 

Tel : +225 22 44 60 99

Fax: +225 22 48 82 84

Mobile : +225 07 98 46 80 / 05 95 97 91

E-mail: ,


Focal Point Coordinator - Egypt

Ms. Manal Moustafa SAMRA

Focal Point Coordinator 

45 Noubar Street, Bab El-Louk

8th Floor, Apt 29,Cairo


Tel: +20105005284



Sudan Chapter Coordinator

Mrs. Nadia Hassan SIDAHMED

Economic Studies Department

Industrial Research & Consultancy Centre (IRCC)Sudan

Tel: +249 911449106



UK - Diaspora Chapter Coordinator

Mrs. Martha Ada UGWU

Proposed National Coordinator

59 Highgrove Road

Walderslade, Chatham

Kent, ME5 7SF, UK

Tel: +4401634310389/07985476289



Morocco Chapter Co-ordinator

Prof. Dr. Saïd BOUJRAF

Proposed National Coordinator

Director of the Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory

Department of Biophysics and Clinical MRI Methods

Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, University of Fez

BP. 1893; Km 2.200, Sidi Hrazem Road, 

Fez 30000, Morocco

Tel: +212 667 780 442

Fax: +212 535 619 321



Rwanda Chapter Coordinator

Dr. Marie Christine Gasingirwa

Director General, Science, Technology and Research

Directorate of Science, Technology and Research

Ministry of Education



Email: cgasingirwa@minedu.gov.rw

Mobile: +250 785068350


Liberia Chapter Coordinator

Dr. Wollor Emmanuel TOPOR

National Coordinator

Acting Dean

College of Science and Technology 

University of Liberia

Tel: + 231-6875802



Zimbabwe Chapter Coordinator

Mr. Benson ZWIZWAI

Deputy Director

Institute of Development Studies

P. O. Box 880

Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel:    +263 4 333341/3 

Fax:    +263 4 333345

Cell: +263 772494902

USA Diaspora Coordinator

Dr. Anthony C IKEME

Proposed National Coordinator

President & CEO

Clintriad Pharma Services

102 Pickering Way, Suite 200

Exton, PA 19341

Tel: 484.753.3405

Cell: 215.380.9920

Fax: 610.384.5455



National Chapter Coordinator, Namibia


Directorate of Survey and Mapping

Ministry of land reform


Tel +264(0)2965036, +264811223311(Mobile)

Email uzo.okafor@mlr.gov.na


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