Notable initiatives that can be put in place to foster youth employment in Africa today

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Posted on 14th August, 2012by Mr. Olumayokun Okelola

Such initiatives are no rocket science at all. They are simply the straight lines that connects our ingenuity as a people with the untapped resources on the African continent. When this is done with the right political will. Unemployment will become alien to the African youth because presently, We are a people starving a midst plenty and opportunities. Thank you.




2nd September, 2012 at 3:41 pm
Olumayokun Okelola said:

“A larger and more productive private sector is a necessity if Africa is to experience sustainable development. Private sector-led growth must create more and better employment for Africa’s growing youth population. Employment will reduce poverty, improve the standards of living for Africans and create the basis for sustainable development and for reaching the Millennium Development Goals.” –Lars Lokke Rasmussen, Chairman of the Africa Commission, Report of the Africa Commission 2009. The private sector in Africa have been relatively better in giving the continent the much needed quantum leap. It is more result driven and action oriented than government interventions that are paper and lip service laden. If the governments across Africa will only focus on a fair and liberal framework regulatory roles in support of social ventures and private players in employment generation for the African youth on African soil. We can be closer to achieving the MDGs goal on poverty reduction.


15th September, 2012 at 3:56 pm
Olumayokun Okelola said:

As a continent, we have to think what will happen if one day, donors decided to close the aid tap. Aid to Africa is now plural hence it becomes "Aids" as in HIV.Therefore, it is high time we devised youths how to survive without depending on foreign assistance. we should do more with our endowments in our soil. That’s the true liberation and way forward.


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