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Women and Youth as Drivers of Change through Technology and Innovation

1 - 3 May 2013

As investments in science, technology and innovations are increasingly critical for sustainable development, new generations of women and youth leaders throughout Africa are emerging and developing innovative strategies and solutions using new technologies to overcome daily issues at both the local and national levels. African youths and women have tremendous innovation capacities yet to be fully harnessed for sustainable development of the continent and globally. According to Nitin Sawhney, Assistant Professor of Media Studies at the New School for Public Engagement, "Adolescents are the lead adopters of new technology, new patterns of use and new ways of thinking, and it’s therefore crucial to focus on that group." Additionally, a recent report from the International Center for Research on Women titled, "Bridging the Gender pide: How Technology Can Advance Women Economically," found that applying the technology enabled female users to increase productivity, pursue new entrepreneurial opportunities or skills, or otherwise improve their economic opportunities.

This conference will highlight technological innovations by women and youth leaders in Africa as a way of inspiring and mentoring a new generation of women and youth to be agents of change. It will also aim to assist in the development of a growing network between current and new generations of women and youth leaders in technology and innovation.

This event will be held in Washington DC, USA and is organised by the Wilson Center in collaboration with the African Technology Policy Studies Network.

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