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ATPS and RMRDC Nigeria Plan for Collaborative activities for 2010

The ATPS and RMRDC held consultative meetings to discuss carious collaborative activities for the year 2010. During the meetings, RMRDC and World Bank STEP B agreed to cooperate with the ATPS to implement two events in Nigeria under the auspices of the ATPS/RMRDC MoU, The first being the marking of Africa Scientific revival day starting 28 – 30 June 2010, with the next being scheduled for November 2010.

Dr. Kevin Urama, the ATPS Executive Director, also held a meeting with the Director General and Directors of the Nigerian Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) and National Coordinator of World Bank Step B Project where Prof. Umar Bindir, the Director General of NOTAP confirmed that he will take up the role of the ATPS Policy Liaison Officer, following nomination by the ATPS National Chapter in Nigeria. The meeting also identified potential partnership between ATPS and NOTAP on the ATPS/BTA IP program.

Posted on Tuesday 2nd March, 2010




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