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ATPS Signs a Memorandum of Understanding With GALVmed

Dr. Lois Muraguri of GALVmed (left) and Dr. Nicholas Ozor of ATPS (right) after signing the MOU at the ATPS Offices in Nairobi KenyaDr. Lois Muraguri of GALVmed (left) and Dr. Nicholas Ozor of ATPS (right) after signing the MOU at the ATPS Offices in Nairobi Kenya (Click to enlarge)The African Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines [GALVmed] on the 21st of November 2014. The MOU was signed by the principals of the two institutions, Dr. Nicholas Ozor, Acting Executive Director of ATPS and Mr. Peter Jeffries, the Chief Executive of GALVmed who was represented by Dr. Lois Muraguri, Assistant Director, Policy and External Affairs.

The MOU will form the basis of future collaboration on areas of mutual interest including but not limited to: 

  1. Sensitization and awareness creation regarding GALVmed supported technologies and products through ATPS network to ensure sustainable adoption
  2. Policy related research in order to identify policy gaps and appropriate policy options related to sustainable delivery of GALVmed supported products 
  3. Support in policy advocacy in order to influence policies at local, national and regional levels particularly on the creation of an enabling environment for private sector engagement 
  4. Capacity building, sensitization and training of opinion leaders, policy makers, end users and other stakeholders.

WHEREAS, GALVmed is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and incorporated in England & Wales under the Companies Acts and a registered charity which seeks to protect livestock and improve human lives by making livestock vaccines, diagnostics and medicines accessible and affordable to the millions for whom livestock is a lifeline. It promotes the effective use of resources for charitable purposes through the identification, management, funding and co-ordination of research into livestock vaccines, pharmaceuticals and diagnostic products and services; and the development and delivery of those products and services at affordable prices. It seeks to do this by (i) facilitating partnerships for livestock pharmaceutical research and development and manufacturing; (ii) creating and supporting sustainable markets and access to products for poor livestock keepers; and (iii) by developing project design and project and portfolio management.  

ATPS is an International Non-Governmental Organization incorporated in Kenya under the Companies Acts and limited by guarantee. It is a trans-disciplinary network of researchers, policymakers, private sector actors and the civil society that promotes the generation, dissemination, use and mastery of science, technology and innovations (STI) for African development, environmental sustainability and global inclusion. ATPS implements its programs through members and partners in National Chapters established in 30 countries (27 in Africa and 3 Diaspora Chapters in the Australia, United States of America, and United Kingdom). Since its establishment in 1994, the ATPS has grown into an international organization with over 1,500 members and 2500 stakeholders in over 51 countries in 5 continents. ATPS work focuses on five thematic areas namely: (i) STI policy research and research capacity building aimed at building capabilities, structures, and conditions for the co-production of scientific knowledge, technologies, innovations, and policies including agricultural innovations for food and biosecurity in Africa; (ii) Intra-Africa and Global Collaboration and Partnership aimed at developing new forms of intra-Africa and global partnerships within and amongst stakeholders; (iii) Youth and Gender Empowerment aimed at nurturing and harnessing the innovative potentials of African youth and women; (iv) Training and Sensitization aimed at enhancing inpidual and institutional capabilities; and (v) STI knowledge brokerage, commercialization and policy advocacy aimed at brokering the commercialization and sharing of scientific knowledge, technologies and innovations for sustainable development. ATPS has unique convening power, cost-effectiveness in program administration, and access to farmers, policymakers, practitioners, and civil society in Africa.

The Parties (ATPS and GALVmed) in furtherance of their aims and objectives wish to consider an arrangement whereby they will contribute in conceptualization, planning, and/or implementation of mutually beneficial activities that include but are not limited to support of market development and policy and advocacy for sustainable adoption of livestock health products and services that benefit resource-poor livestock keepers in Africa.

Posted on Tuesday 25th November, 2014




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