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ATPS Uganda Chapter holds its Annual General Meeting and Commemorates the Africa Scientific Revival Day 2009

On September 17, 2009, members of ATPS in Uganda gathered at Hotel Triangle in Kampala, Uganda to hold their Annual General Meeting and to mark the Scientific Revival Day for Africa SRDA. The event was presided over by the outgoing ATPS National Coordinator for Uganda Prof Joseph Obua who has held this role the stipulated maximum term of six years (from 2003-2009). The main agenda of the Annual General Meeting included appraising members of the progress achieved over the past year and to elect a new steering committee and National Coordinator for ATPS in Uganda. Mr. Marsden Momanyi, The Communications Officer and Youth Innovation Program Coordinator of the ATPS represented the secretariat during the event.

ATPS Uganda Chapter hold their AGM and commemorate the Scientific Revival Day for Africa SRDA ATPS Uganda Chapter hold their AGM and commemorate the Scientific Revival Day for Africa SRDA About 50 participants drawn from academia, civil society, private sector and Government attended the event. The event came aptly after the fresh announcement of an approval of a new STI policy in Uganda and only a few days preceding the commencement of National Science Week in Uganda, which Kicks off on Monday September 21, 2009. The proceedings were covered extensively by Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) Radio and Television. The ATPS used the occasion to circulate copies of its Annual Report 2008, promotional fliers as well as the Youth Innovation Challenge Program, the Women Innovation Challenge Program and the Climate Sense Program Concept Notes.

Prof Obua called upon the participants who had not registered as members, to do so. "ATPS has the potential to become an even bigger institution with wider reach and influence in the continent. If you are interested in issues to do with science, technology and innovation, particularly the policy aspects, then ATPS is the Network for you," he said. He informed participants interested in joining the network that it membership is free of charge.

In a speech read on his behalf by the ATPS Communications and Outreach Officer Mr. Marsden Momanyi, Dr Kevin Urama the ATPS Executive Director commended the outgoing Uganda ATPS Coordinator, Prof Obua's courage of conviction and his confidence in the emerging generation of Africans ready and anxious to take up leadership positions in steering Africa's development agenda to greater heights, through Science, Technology and Innovation.

Mr. Momanyi spoke of Prof Obua’s unwavering passion for nurturing young talent in Uganda through STI capacity building. He praised the election process saying that it had set a precedent for the other ATPS chapters and heralded a model of good governance to be emulated.

During the event, Mr.John Okuonzi was elected as the new ATPS National Co-ordinator for the Uganda Chapter.

Mr. John Okuonzi is a lecturer at the Kyambogo University, in the Faculty of Engineering. He  has taught many course units including, Mechanical Technology, Measurement and instrumentation, Control Engineering, Engineering Project Design, Network Design, Engineering Drawing, Workshop Practice and Design to Diploma and Undergraduate students for more than ten years. He is also a long-standing member of the AYFST.

Posted on Thursday 17th September, 2009




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