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The ATPS Communications Manager advocates for knowledge sharing to enhance research and innovation capacity in Africa

Kenya’s National Council for Science and Technology, (NCST) organized the 2nd NCST Conference which was themed: "The Role of Science, Technology and Innovation Research in achieving Kenya’s Vision 2030"

Speaking at the conference; Dr. Sheila Ochugboju the communications manager at ATPS stressed on the importance of knowledge sharing in enhancing research and innovation capacity in Africa. She noted that a complete re-engineering of our knowledge systems is needed in order to enhance innovation through collaboration, and it involves changing the knowledge systems from:

  • Disciplinary to Trans disciplinary science,
  • from Silo thinking (sector-based approached) to systems thinking (holistic approaches) to development planning and
  • from S&T knowledge transfer to Knowledge for development (building an indigenous culture of innovation where all actors in the value chain are viewed as important knowledge sources).

She noted Kenya’s vision 2030 can be achieved by adapting to new ways of doing things, and changing mindsets about how things ought to be done in science, technology and innovation through:

  • Encouraging a transformative approach to capacity development and curriculum design
  •  Committing to a collective performance assessment
  • Changing of mindsets (south-south knowledge sharing) and
  • Long-term investment in trans-disciplinary science and innovation studies

Posted on Monday 9th November, 2009




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