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ATPS and DIIA collaborate in the development of program proposals on Climate Change and on Waste Water management

The University of Palermo, Italy invited ATPS to a promotional event of ImpresAmbiente which was held in Palermo, Italy on May 28, 2009. The event showcased the ATPS as a viable partner to the University of Palermo for technology sharing between Italy and Africa. The invitation came up as a result of a research development visit by Dr. Umberto Pernice of the University of Palermo and Dr. Prof. Goffredo La Loggia, Head of the Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Environmental Applications (DIIAA)

The DIIAA houses the centre of technology transfer on environmental risks, composed by research institutions and SMEs of excellence in environmental risk management across the six regions of South Italy. Dr. Kevin Urama represented the ATPS at the event and presented the vision, mission and activities of the ATPS as a centre of excellence for STI knowledge brokerage in Africa. Following the event, a Memorandum of Understanding between both institutions has been drafted and is currently being discussed.  

Following the Meeting, two EU-ACP projects involving ATPS twice as applicant and DIIAA as partner were initiated. The first project STI CHANGE AFRICA is a full proposal under the ACP Scientific and Technology Programme. The second one is a concept note with ATPS National chapter in Sierra Leone as applicant under the EC Delegation for Sierra Leone. New openings, types of training and channels of funding were scrutinized. Opportunities for Exchange of personnel and researchers were also extensively discussed. Lastly, new RTD proposals under the Environment Theme of the 7 Framework Programme were formulated.

Posted on Thursday 28th May, 2009




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