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ATPS forms a committee for Responsible STI Policy Advisory

The African Technology Policy Studies Network is happy to announce its Responsible Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Policy Advisory Committee launched by its Board meeting held on 17 & 18 July 2008.

The ATPS Responsible STI policy advisory committee has three main roles:

  1.  To input into discussions on the future direction of the ATPS through periodic e-mail discussions with the ATPS Board and the rest of the committee membership.To help to develop the content of the ATPS STI capacity building activities by helping the ATPS
  2. To connect with key STI knowledge communities and by encouraging leading STI policy actors (researchers, policy makers, and practitioners) to participate in the activities of the ATPS, and
  3. To guarantee the quality of the ATPS program implementation, publications and other knowledge valorization activities by occasionally acting as a referee and/or by suggesting suitable referees for country activity proposals and ATPS publications.

Whilst the ATPS hopes that the STI Advisory Committee would actively support the ATPS' STI capacity building effort, we are very conscious of the numerous demands on the committee members' time and cost effectiveness of maintaining their advisory roles for the ATPS. We would therefore limit our requests to a yearly e-mail discussion on the direction of the ATPS implementation strategies and its connections with key STI communities, occasional teleconferencing, video conferencing and request for nominations of referees of ATPS submissions when needed. We would also hope that where possible members of the Advisory committee would themselves referee ATPS proposals, publications and policy intervention plans which fall in their core areas of expertise. Of course we would also be happy to receive special guidance from Committee members on emerging STI policy issues that the ATPS should consider pursuing.

All committee members will be invited to participate in the ATPS annual conferences and annual general meetings which normally take place in November/December each year. They will also receive free copies of all ATPS publications, have their brief bio-CV posted on the ATPS website, and receive regular updates on all ATPS activities. Members of the Advisory Committee:

Posted on Saturday 19th July, 2008




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