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ATPS Participates in a New EU Framework VII (FP7) Coordination and Support Action Project

The African Technology Policy Studies Network has, in collaboration with a consortium of 11 like minded institutions in Europe, Africa and Asia entered into a new contract for a European Framework VII (FP7) project: "Science, Ethics and Technological Responsibility in Developing and Emerging Countries (SET-DEV)." The project consortium is led by CONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DELLE RICERECHE established in Italy, Rome.

SET-DEV aims to bring science closer to society, to facilitate sharing of own experiences and responsibilities for scientific and technological research (STR) amongst targeted partner countries in Europe, Africa and Asia; to strengthen international and regional networks in the fields of ethics and science, and to implement best practices in developing countries and emerging economies.

The specific objectives of the project include the following: " strengthening the levels of information and creating awareness on ethical issues on science and technology by fostering dialogue among scientists worldwide " integrating ethical issues into the wider subject of enhancing the socialization of research with the aim of strengthening local research systems " initiating institutional capacity building and skills on science, ethics and the processes of scientific and technological research (STR) systems " developing ethical guidelines and standards referring to international instruments and codes of ethics but are sensitive to and compatible with local values and needs, and the characteristics and degree of development of the local research systems " defining perspectives of socialism of science and technology that consider local needs and comply with EU ethical standards.

The project will develop and disseminate a series of policy guidelines on ethics and science to foster best practices in science and technology policy research in post-modern societies and implement pilot programs in India and Kenya. To achieve the stated objectives, the project employs a number of participatory and information gathering methods including international dialogue and networking as well as capacity building and training in developing countries and emerging countries.

The duration of the project shall be 36 months from 01 March 2008.

Project website: http://www.set-dev.eu/

Overall Project Coordinator: Mr. Massimo Cannata, Director, Consiglio Nazionelle Delle Ricerche, Rome, E-mail: setdevproject@gmail.com

ATPS Contact Person: Dr. Kevin Urama, Executive Director, ATPS, e-mail: Kurama@atpsnet.org

Posted on Tuesday 29th June, 2010




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