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ATPS and its partners host a workshop on Strengthening Linkage between Policy Research and Policymaking for African Development

16-18 February 2011.

A session of the workshop in progressA session of the workshop in progress (Click to enlarge)The ATPS, in conjunction with its partners, the African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC); the African Centre for Economic Transformation (ACET) and the Food, Agriculture, Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN), organized a three day workshop on Strengthening Linkage between Policy Research and Policymaking for African Development in Mombasa Kenya. The workshop, which brought together policy makers, the civil society, the private sector actors and the science experts sought to engage relevant stakeholders to address the gap between policy research and policymaking with a view to designing a proactive way forward for bridging this gap for African development. Specifically, the workshop aimed at:

  • Better understanding of the context-specific reasons for the mismatch in developments in policy creation and implementation in Africa with commensurate policies to make use of them for African development;
  • Identifying and prioritizing strategies to improve the linkages amongst policymakers and policy implementers in Africa to improve the use of homegrown policy research evidence in policy making;
  • Creating a network of like-minded institutions to sustain policy knowledge brokerage and communication for African development;
  • Deriving lessons learnt from the successive cases of good partnerships between policy researchers and policy makers in Africa and elsewhere; and
  • Setting an agenda and inform a longer term strategy to build stronger linkages between policy research and policymaking in Africa.

The meeting recommended the establishment of a multidisciplinary consortium of policy research institutions and policy making arms of governments in Africa to:

  • Promote more effective policy development;
  • Enhance collaboration and coordination
  • of financial and human resources;
  • Facilitate the development and sharing of knowledge amongst the stakeholders; and
  • Enhance the capacity for evidence based policy development.

The workshop, through a communiqué made to African Governments urged African leaders to provide full commitment and support to the consortium aimed at Strengthening linkages between policy research and policy making for African development

Posted on Thursday 21st April, 2011




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