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The African Technology Policy Studies Network has published new working papers from its on-going Climate Sense Program. The papers were produced by researchers from different regions in Africa who were awarded grants under the ATPS Climate Sense Program as part of the implementation of the ATPS Phase VI Strategic Plan, 2008 – 2012. The papers are as follows:

  1. Tracking Effective Indigenous Adaptation Strategies on Impacts of Climate Variability on Food Security and Health of Subsistence Farmers in Tanzania
  2. Technological Challenges of Climate Change Adaptation in Nigeria: Insights from Enugu State
  3. Indigenous Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change: Study of Imo and Enugu States in Southeast Nigeria
  4. Enhancing Agricultural Yields by Small-holder Farmers through Integrated Climate Change Adaptation in Sierra Leone
  5. Emerging Technologies for Building Resilience to Climate Change Effect: A Case Study in Dangbe East District of the Republic of Ghana
  6. Emerging and Indigenous Technology for Climate Change Adaptation in Southwest Nigeria
  7. Climate Change Awareness and Adaptation in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.

For more on the papers visit the working paper series page.

Posted on Tuesday 12th July, 2011




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