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Where We Work - National Chapters and Focal Points(Click to enlarge)
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The ATPS network functions through National Chapters in 30 countries (27 African and 3 Diaspora chapters). The National Chapters operate under National Coordinators who provide intellectual and administrative leadership at country level. The National Chapters receive funding from the Secretariat out of grants from various donors to perform the following tasks:

  • Pursuing and securing institutionalization in National Councils for S&T or relevant State Agencies and formal registration to enable them operate as legal entities in home countries;
  • Identifying and determining national STI priorities to inform a demand driven Network strategy;
  • Seeking funding to support national STI capacity building programs from local partners (national Governments, the Private Sector, and national Donor organizations) in liaison with the Secretariat Management;
  • Coordinating implementation of national STI capacity building programs in liaison with the Secretariat Management;
  • Submitting bi-annual progress and financial reports on all network activities in the chapter to the Secretariat Management;
  • Advocating & disseminating results of Network activities at the national level for national development;
  • Linking Network’s research results with national policy formulation process;
  • Linking national Network members with other ATPS national chapters and allied Networks;
  • Maintaining an updated register of members and providing bi-annual updates to Secretariat Management
  • Take responsibility for disciplinary action with regard to misconduct of members of the national chapters through its established structures.

Each National Chapter has a strategic plan that outlines priority areas of research in their various countries. These identified priority areas guide the research efforts of ATPS.  Other statutory functions of the National Chapters are specified in the Memorandum of Understanding between the ATPS and its national chapters.

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