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ATPS Executive Director Contributes to AESU Program’s Entrepreneurship Initiative at Riara University

In a pioneering venture to cultivate entrepreneurship within the Kenyan academic sphere, Riara University recently hosted the Dissemination Conference of the Accelerating Entrepreneurship Support in Universities (AESU) program. Supported by The Open University (UK), Riara University, African Technology Policy Studies Network, and Ashoka East Africa, this collaborative initiative comes to life through funding from the British Council’s inaugural Innovation for African Universities (IAU) program.

Distinguished experts in entrepreneurship and education graced the event, delivering impactful keynote addresses that underscored the transformative potential of integrating entrepreneurial principles into university curricula. The conference provided a platform for engaging panel discussions that brought together educators, entrepreneurs, and policymakers to dissect the challenges and opportunities of embedding entrepreneurship in the academic landscape.

ATPS Executive Director Prof. Nicholas Ozor played a pivotal role, contributing his insights during the panel discussion on “Re-imagining University Ecosystems for the Future.” Prof. Nicholas Ozor underscored the critical role of policy in driving entrepreneurship within the academic landscape. His insights illuminated the necessity of strategic frameworks to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

Notably, ATPS, in collaboration with Open University (UK), played a significant role in advancing this cause by developing a comprehensive policy brief and framework. This collaborative effort is a testament to the commitment of ATPS to contributing practical solutions to embedding entrepreneurship in the academic landscape. These documents serve as a guiding compass, providing a roadmap for institutions and policymakers to navigate the intersection of academia and entrepreneurship effectively.

This collaborative effort between Riara University, The Open University (UK), Ashoka East Africa, and ATPS, with support from the British Council’s IAU program, signifies a shared commitment to effecting tangible change in the Kenyan entrepreneurial landscape. The Dissemination Conference marks a pivotal moment for sharing best practices, building networks, and laying the foundation for continued collaboration.

As ATPS remains at the forefront of shaping policies and initiatives in the technology and policy domain, Prof. Nicholas Ozor’s participation reflects ATPS’s dedication to driving impactful change within the academic and entrepreneurial realms. The conference sets the stage for a future where entrepreneurship thrives within the halls of academia, contributing to a dynamic and innovative African landscape.

For further details, stay tuned to the ATPS website and social media channels for updates on the AESU program and its ongoing impact on Kenyan universities.

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