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ATPS Research Fellows

The ATPS will maintain a database of research fellows selected from reputable international institutions working on ST&I policy related subject. Membership to the fellowship program shall be by nomination by ATPS Network members subject to evaluation and approval by the ATPS Fellowship Committee. This pool of experts shall serve as eternal peer review panels for research proposals submitted to ATPS for funding and also assist in the review of research outputs from programs relevant to their subject areas.

  • DR. Weslynne Ashton
  • DR. Brendan Fisher
  • DR. A. M. Dlamini
  • DR. Charles Mataya
  • Adedeji Ahmed Adebowale
  • Adenkule Bamidele
  • DR. Thembela Kenneth Hillie
  • DR. Seife Ayele
  • Dr. Idu Edwin Ejoga
  • Prof. Apantaku Samson Olusegun
  • DR. Akinbile O. Christopher
  • Angela I Emodi
  • Nichols Crighton
  • DR. John Mburu
  • Robert Kibugi
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