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2012 ATPS Annual Conference Blog


Emerging Paradigms, Technologies and Innovations for Sustainable Development: Global Imperatives And African Realities

The quadruple challenges of imploding economies, deepening and widening poverty, climate change, and disappearing environmental assets (natural resources and biodiversity) around the world necessitate a careful rethinking of knowledge platforms and development pathways at global, continental and national scales. With the recent global financial crisis and deepening social and environmental crisis in the past decade, science experts and policymakers alike are united in the search for alternative development paradigms. Major global policy support institutions such as the World Bank (WB), the United Nations (UN), Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) amongst others, now sing the same song “there is need for new paradigms and pathways for economic growth that is inclusive of social and environmental sustainability”.

A recent report launched by the World Bank (2012) aptly concludes that, “inclusive green growth is necessary, efficient and affordable,…, the search for solutions needs to shift from the search for more financial resources, to “getting smart”. In the same vein, the recent Global Green Growth Summit held in South Korea, re-echoed the collective voice of global leaders that “technological innovations will be central to the creation of a new and more sustainable development paradigm”. Many global assessments and reports now converge in the conclusion that having the right kind of science, technologies and innovations is at the heart of sustainable development (UNESCO, 2010, UNEP 2011, UNDP 2012, UNCTAD 2012, World Bank 2012). Be it the first and second carbon intensive industrial revolutions which are now foundering or the third industrial revolution which is now evolving under different nomenclatures (Green Economy, Green Growth, Inclusive Growth, Climate Resilient Economy, Low Carbon Economy, etc.), STI has remained the constant driver of productivity and efficiency gains in economic development history.

In June 2012, world leaders, the academia, the private sector actors and the civil society convened in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil under the auspices of the United NationsUN Conference on Sustainable Development. Reconnaissance surveys in Africa suggested that 20 years after the first Rio conference, stakeholders’ expected more proactive and practical actions in addressing poverty, hunger, energy access, energy security, efficient and sustainable resource use and ecosystem management, improved agricultural value chain management, etc. The general feeling amongst policymakers and policy analysts consulted was that the global governance architectures be it in the socio-political, economic or environmental realms still leaves Africa disadvantaged in many ways. This is largely due to lack of political will to implement negotiated agreements and international commitments; global mechanisms and institutions that favour binomial relationships between the global north and the global south with knowledge, technologies and innovations predominantly flowing from the former to the latter; and general inequities in the distribution of skills and capacities for innovation and wealth creation. The Ministers of African States have therefore aptly noted that the critical foundation for sustainable development must include more inclusive global governance; strong and responsive pro-poor institutions for wealth creation, social equity and equality; poverty eradication and environmental sustainability, as well as sustained progress in the achievement of internationally agreed commitments including the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). They called on Rio+20 to reinvigorate political will and international commitment to implementing the goals and ideals of sustainable development and urged developed countries to proactively fulfil previous commitments and pledges to help Africa’s efforts to achieve sustainable development.

The optimism that the Rio+20 conference outcomes was were expected to deliver greater global commitment to sustainable development and encourage countries of the global north to step up development assistance to African countries was well placed. However, a pragmatic assessment of global development trends and resource potentials suggest Africa is on the move (UNDP 2012), and the technical resource and productivity potentials for green growth is substantial. Huge opportunities therefore exist for home grown development on the continent, but the STI capacities of the African countries to effectively participate in harnessing these comparative advantages remain dismal (Urama et al., 2010). Though Africa’s scientific capacities and Gross Domestic Products (GDP) growth have improved during the past decade, technological and innovation capacities remain low and the requisite institutional and governance infrastructures are only just emerging (Urama et al., 2010; UNESCO 2010, UNDP 2012). Whereas there are pockets of success in application of STI including the mobile telephony and telecommunications, among other factors, which contributed to the sustained economic growth in the continent during the past decade, the continent generally lags behind in skills and competencies required to fully reap the benefits afforded by STI for its development. This can be attributed to many factors, but key amongst these are the lack of skills and capacities in the area of STI to guide and foster an African development agenda, inadequate implementation of STI policies and programmes, and limited political commitment.

It is expected that as the world “gets smarter”, transitions away from hydro-carbonated industries and natural resource intensive economies will be imperative. Continued reliance on cheap exports of primary resources will not only be environmentally unsustainable and economically inefficient, but also socially unacceptable. Building STI capacities, knowledge systems and structures, knowledge circulation and networks, and effective valorization of STI knowledge will therefore be the bedrock for sustainability of nations in the coming decades.

Africa cannot afford to remain recluse of the emerging global realities and social, economic and environmental challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, deepening water stress, energy price hikes, etc.; neither should she remain a global consumer of knowledge, technologies and innovations in the new global economy, the architecture of which is emerging today. The first Africa Forum on STI hosted by the Republic of Kenya from 1-3 April 2012 and co-organized by African Development Bank (AfDB), African Union Commission (AUC), United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA), called for African countries to, among other things, design STI policies and programs to implement strategies to support inclusive growth, employment opportunities, and sustainable development in Africa.

The international conference and workshops convened by the African Technology Policy Studies (ATPS) and its partners will reflect on a post-Rio+20 futures for Africa. To make good global commitments to sustainable development in Africa, we believe that African countries would need strategic transformative reforms in its knowledge structures (from mono-disciplinary certificate education to trans-disciplinary systems studies, entrepreneurship and innovation capacity development); institutions and governance structures (from neo-colonial knowledge dependence to governance structures that are fully embedded in Africa’s socio-political, economic and cultural realities); Agricultural systems research and policy (from focus on incremental productivity enhancing measures to value chain approaches and technologies that may enhance quantum leaps in value addition including on-farm factor productivity improvements, enhanced shelf life and market value of agricultural products); knowledge circulation and networks (to enhance intra-African knowledge flows and networks), and development pathways to enhance transitions towards poverty reduction and wealth creation for inclusive green growth and development on the continent.

Discussion Questions:

  1. As during the previous development eras, Africa has huge comparative advantages in natural capital and renewable energy resources that are the bedrocks for green growth. The scramble for resources in Africa during the previous industrial development eras has little dividends for development on the continent. What must Africa do differently now to ensure proper beneficiation from its natural resources to deliver more inclusive growth on the continent?
  2. Technology enthusiasts argue that unless Africa builds endogenous capacities in science, technology and innovations, it would remain an appendage in the global economy, be it “brown” or “green” growth pathways that are pursued. On the other hand, “globalisation enthusiasts” believe the technology transfers from the global north and increasingly China would help Africa to leap frog the development process, avoiding the huge costs of building required knowledge infrastructures which are obviously expensive. Which way should Africa go and how best should it seek to achieve the transition from where it is now, and where it should go?
  3. Much of the science, technology and innovation efforts in Africa as well as the thinking on green growth strategies are spearheaded and funded by development partners. Only few countries in Africa invest close to 1% of its GDP on research and development efforts. Can Africa take the lead in its development efforts without proactive endogenous investments in science, technology and innovations? What must African governments do to reverse the trend?
  4. African Universities and Colleges of tertiary education have now come of age. However, research evidence show that most of them lack the required funding and skill base to be competitive in the global knowledge market.  Global rankings of Universities therefore seldom list African Universities, except a few. What could be done to make African Universities more competitive globally and relevant to sustainable development in Africa?
  5. One of the great assets of Africa is its youthfulness. However, African youths and women and seldom engaged the development process. With high youth unemployment rates and sub-optimal involvement of African youths and women in the African development policy planning and implementation, this great asset is increasingly becoming a ticking time bomb in many African countries. Youth and Women fora initiated in Africa the African Youth Forum for STI (AYFST), and the African Women Forum for STI (AWFST), often struggle to receive financial support from African governments. What could African governments do to optimally engage its youth and women meaningfully in its development struggle?
  6. What roles do you see pan-African institutions whose mandate is to strengthen Africa’s STI capacity for sustainable development play in the transitioning process. What relationships should exist between such institutions and Apex policy institutions on the continent such as the Africa Union Commission (AUC), the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD), the sub-Regional Economic Communities, national governments and associated ministries?

Prof. Kevin Chika Urama

Executive Director, ATPS

* The frameless images loaded with Screen Dragons are designed not to interfere with the windows they stay on top of, as long as you click inside the transparent area. Unfortunately, there isn’t any setting to make the picture completely see-through or adjust the transparency.
* The loaded image can be copied to the clipboard using the designated option. Alternatively, there is a second choice: to grab a screenshot of both your transparent image and whatever is beneath it on the desktop.
* With just a few clicks, you can open the location of the image, activate or disable transparency, or save the picture in PNG, JPG, or BMP format. On the downside, the images cannot be resized, so you will have to settle for the default dimensions.
* Display multiple, partially transparent and alpha-blended images without a frame.
* Can be used to decorate the desktop with a bunch of pictures you like without using them as a background or place multiple pictures around your editing tool to use as a palette for a color picker.
* Load images from virtually any computer using Screen Dragons and save them.
* Open multiple images and display them one after another as a slideshow.
* Use the loaded images as graphic watermarks.
* Create a collage or a color palette.
* Simple settings to turn on transparency or on an image being displayed, activate or disable contextual menu integration.
* Can be used with the Windows Shell.
* Decorate your desktop with multiple, partially transparent, alpha-blended and frameless images.
* Create a color palette or a collage of your favorite images.
* Save the loaded images in the PNG, JPG, or BMP format.
* Open multiple images and display them one after another as a slideshow.
* Use the loaded images as graphic watermarks.
* Create a color palette or a collage of your favorite pictures.
* Simple settings to turn on transparency or on an image being displayed, activate or disable contextual menu integration.
* It is written in C# and supports the Windows Shell.
* On Windows, the program is distributed as an MSI package that requires no setup.
* Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
* Supports almost all popular image formats.
* Provides a full set of options to load, save and display multiple images.
* Allows you to display custom images in the status bar to get notified about key events9670d34096

Active Directory Change Tracker
Portable CDBurnerXP
StarFish Windows 7 Theme
Free ISO Create Wizard
MathAudio Room EQ
ADShareit Video to SWF Converter Pro
Database Browser
Robot IDE
FirmTools Clouds Screensaver
HD Call Recorder for Skype
Excel Data Reader
Automatically Copy Files to Multiple Folder Locations Software
LINE for Windows 10

– MP3-Tag Generator is a simple, but powerful, utility for ID3v1 and ID3v1.1 Tag creation.
– Tag generation or deletion can be executed by pressing the button “Create Tag” and “Remove Tag”.
– The Tag editor has two main modes of operation: Tag Editor mode and Format Editor mode.
– In the Tag editor mode the user is able to modify the current MP3-Tag.
– In the format editor mode the user is able to define and modify his own formats.
– All data entered into the Tag editor can be export to a HTML file.
– By using the format editor, it is possible to change the appearance of the Tag display.
– Winamp support
– Support for multiple MP3-Tags (parsing)
– Batch processing
– Modify multiple MP3-Tags
– Delete multiple MP3-Files
– Remove the Tag from multiple MP3-Files
– Rename multiple MP3-Files
– Generate the Tag for multiple MP3-Files (parsing)
– Drag & Drop support
– Drag & Drop MP3-Files into the editor
– Drag & Drop MP3-Files from the editor into the Playlist Editor
– Specify whether to add or replace the current items in the list
– Browse through folders
– Subfolder support
– See which file is currently playing
– Manually rename a MP3-File by pressing F2
– Automatic Track numbering
– Volume control
– Ability to add, delete, edit and test parsing formats
– Optionally add a custom title text for the MP3-Files
– Different display colors
– Option to play the current file, or all files matching the parsing format.
– Option to play the current file, or all files matching the parsing format.
– Option to play the current file, or all files matching the parsing format.
– Option to play the current file, or all files matching the parsing format.
– Option to play the current file, or all files matching the parsing format.
– Option to play the current file, or all files matching the parsing format.
– Option to play the current file, or all files matching the parsing format.
– Option to play the current file, or all files matching the parsing format.
– Option to play the current file, or all files matching the parsing format.
– Option to play the current file, or

ChrisTV Lite is the stripped down version of the CrisTV Suite. This entry-level product allows you to seamlessly watch online television via analog cards that feature WDM driver support. Recording TV channels is not available in the Lite version, but upgrading to Standard or Pro makes that possible.
The installation process ends with a Configuration Wizard that allows you to choose the type of Video Capturing Device that you plan on using with ChrisTV Lite. This is with reference to the TV card you own (the selection includes cards with WDM driver, Combo Card, Graphic Card with Video Input or Other Devices, such as Webcams or DVcams).
ChrisTV Lite starts off by performing a simple auto scan that results in displaying a list of all the detected channels. The application also provides you with possibilities to process images and as such, offers you access to zoom, capturing and aspect ratio configuration.
You can freeze live streaming if you want to take a break or take a snapshot. Fast forwarding is also possible, letting you skip those long and annoying commercials. Moreover, because ChrisTV Lite is based on buffering encoded images taken from live streaming, you can move back and forth when viewing a live TV show.
You can even create slideshows after taking snapshots, and the TV teletext feature is also available. In addition, if you are viewing a video which is very dynamic (e.g. sports) or has a lot of details (e.g. falling snow), there is a filter you can use to preserve the image quality, called DScaler Deinterlace Filter.
In conclusion, if you’re looking to watch TV shows, concerts, TV series, ChrisTV Lite is the perfect choice. If you want to record all of those, an upgrade is necessary.


4K HDR Channel List for Smart TVs – YouTube Help

4K HDR Channel List for Smart TVs – YouTube Help

4K HDR Channel List for Smart TVs – YouTube Help

HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology can make the visuals look more realistic by increasing the contrast between the bright and dark parts of the video. Unfortunately, even with HDR10 content, not all TVs and games support it. ChannelMaster provides a list of your TV channels, and then compares all the data to see if the content you want is HDR10. There are also ways to make sure your TV is set up for HDR10.
Get ChannelMaster Lite for Android:9670d34096

Last Recorder
Wireless Workshop
USB Bench
NASA JPL PlanetQuest Planet Counter
Haunted House Echo Sound Effects
Video Ads Blocker
RadioTuna Desktop
Music Mode
Subtitle Joiner
Volleyball Presenter
Movie Icon Mega Pack 1
Stream Torrent
iSpy Killer
Connection Pool Cleaner
Jpeg Compressor

PhotoCollage is a totally free photo collage maker and editor. It is very intuitive and easy to use. With it, you can add text, images, frames and stickers to your photo collages.
Key Features:
* Convenient to use. Drag and drop to create and preview collages. Easy to use.
* Add stickers and text as well as frame to your collages.
* Use simple text and photo editing tools to add professional and creative touch to your photo collages.
* Add filters to give your collages the perfect look.
* Export your collages to JPEG format.
System Requirements:
* macOS 10.10 or later
* 200 MB of free disk space (Windows requires additional free space)
* 3.0 MB minimum internet connection
* Tagged with: creative, photo, gallery, image, collage, presentation, software, utilities, editor, splice, creation, painting, frame, swap, add, new, editing, create, add, personalize, text, overlay, make, sticker, painting, make, make, photo, collage, photo collage, presentation, edit, create, personalize, sticker, edit, text, sticker, photo collage, photo collage maker, paint, photo collage maker, photo collage editor, easy, free

Athletics/Sports/Training/Personal Training/Running

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Athletics/Sports/Training/Personal Training/Running

Athletics/Sports/Training/Personal Training

ALLCLEAR SWITCH is a revolutionary new way of handling your TV remote control. With an external micro USB cable, your remote control can be extended to a whole range of other devices, whether Android mobile phone or tablet, Windows laptop, Iphone or even Apple TV.
Android Remote Control – it provides a way to control media content on your Android phone and tablet. Thanks to our remote solution, you can manage and control your Android smartphone and tablet from your Windows PC or Mac computer, regardless of whether you have a TV set or a PC, and regardless of whether you use IR or Bluetooth remotes.
If you use Linux, you can download AllClear Switch Android Remote Control from our website to control your Android with remote.


The Geeks Guide To Windows 10 The 10 Best Features of Windows 10 The Geeks Guide To Windows 10

The Geeks Guide To Windows 10 The 10 Best Features of Windows 10 The Geeks Guide To Windows 10

The Geeks Guide To Windows 10 The 10 Best Features of Windows 10 The Geeks Guide To Windows 10

This video will guide you through the process of updating to Windows 10. There are two ways to do this, either by building from scratch with the new Windows 10 ISO file, or upgrade using the built in Windows update mechanism. It is important to note that this process will only work on machines where you have admin rights.
Learn more about Windows 10:
Learn more about Windows:
Learn more about Microsoft:


I don’t like Windows 10 and this is why – From a Windows XP PC –

I don’t like Windows 10 and this is why – From a Windows XP PC –

I don’t like Windows 10 and this is why – From a Windows XP PC –

My Computer ClubWindows 10 will not install. I was on 8.1, and did a factory reset- and nothing! How do I get it back?? HELP!!!

How to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 – Duration: 4:55

How to install Windows 10 on an old PC – Duration: 9:57

How to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 – Duration:9670d34096

Zip Password Recovery
Innesoft DeepMesh
Broadband Usage Monitor Ireland
IcePack Converter
Log-me in
Ohm 039;s Calculator
Super Email Extractor
Lottery Blitz
Batch Photo Anonymity
Angry Birds Theme
Ulead MediaStudio Pro
Portable cdrtfe
Muzli 2
Architag XRay XML Editor
EOS Utility

The Easy & Simple General Calculator is a powerful, yet easy-to-use general purpose calculator for Windows. Features: • Supports all major languages including, English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. • Hundreds of popular units, thousands of currency values, trigonometric functions, exponents, constants, fractions, percents, decimals, ratios and logs. • Thousands of functions & operations including multiplications, divisions, absolute values, power and modulus calculations. • Calculates trigonometric functions of angles with radian, degree and gradian (inclination). • A robust history list and a powerful undo function, plus several other sophisticated features. • Thousands of maths operations. • Default currency. Use the “Format” button to configure another currency, e.g. your native currency. • Calculates tables of logarithms of integers. • Zoom in and out. • Ranges. • User-selectable tabs. • Many ways to display your numbers: from scientific to friendly notation, currency, as fraction, decimal and percentage. • Supports many data formats. • View your calculations in both roman and arabic numerals. • Scientific notation. • Fast calculation. • Using shortcuts: Alt-Enter to calculate. • Handy calculator toolbar. • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win7. • Automatically sets the default currency. • Pause between operations. • Full Unicode support. • Variable functions. • Full page display. • Easy to read. • Auto-scroll, Auto-fit, Auto-size, Auto-maximize, Auto-position. • Always on top. • Quick close. • Works with any calculator app. • Automatic updates. • Compatible with all versions of Windows, including the latest and greatest. • 60-day free trial. • 60-day free update. • Windows Forms based. • Versatile. • Very easy to use. • Supports languages other than English. • Windows Store Apps, Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista. • Supports all languages in version 12.0.3030.0.

If you are frequently asked “Are you sure?”, “Are you sure?”, “Are you sure?”, “Are you sure?”, “Are you sure?”, “Are you sure?”, “Are you sure?

Main Window
Track gain for MP3 audio files. Adjustments can be saved to “Track Gain” settings in the preferences. If the audio file was clipped, the track gain is reset to the original level.
Main Window
Album gain for MP3 audio files. Adjustments can be saved to “Album Gain” settings in the preferences. If the audio file was clipped, the album gain is reset to the original level.
Main Window
Track gain (dB): The track gain is applied to the track volume. It can be adjusted to the target level.
Main Window
Album gain (dB): The album gain is applied to the album volume. It can be adjusted to the target level.
Main Window
Clip gain (dB): The clip gain is applied to the clip volume. It can be adjusted to the target level.
Main Window
Media library: Tracks which were added to this category will be treated as MP3 audio files and will be included into the “Track Gain” category.
Main Window
Play button: Clicking on this button plays the selected MP3 file.
Main Window
Toggle playback between the original and the new volume level: You can adjust the current volume level of the audio file in order to have it at the desired level.
Main Window
Paths: You can add folders or file names to the list. You can select a path and add all audio files from that location to the “Track Gain” category. If you open a folder, the audio files will be sorted by path.
Main Window
Revert to original volume: If you want to see the original volume level of a file, simply click on the “Revert to original volume” button.
Main Window
Paths: You can delete a path from the list. Once it is deleted, only the files that were in that path will be moved out of the “Track Gain” category and will remain in the “Other” category.
Main Window
Track gain (dB): You can add a target volume level for the audio files in the list. If the audio file was clipped, the track gain is reset to the original level.
Main Window
Album gain (dB): You can add a target volume level for the audio files in the list. If the audio file was clipped, the album gain is reset to the original level.
Main Window
Clip gain (dB): You can add a target volume level for the audio 30ed912023

iThmb Converter
Dennisse Inventory Manager
Folder Protection
Barcode Professional SDK for .NET
MONOGRAM Frame Grabber
VeryPDF PDF Batch Print GUI
Canon MF Toolbox
Colgate University Screensaver
CAS Modbus RTU Parser
Copy File Name
zebNet NewsTurbo Standard
Church Projector Portable
foo playlist output custom
Tournament Manager

 Support for different file types including images and audio.
 Auto backup the diary entries which allows you to retrieve the diary from previous versions even when the older diary is lost.
 The diary support for multiple users.
 Create an archive of all the photos you have created so that you do not lose them.
 It is easy to change the look and feel of the diary entries.
 With different colors and styles, the diary entries can be displayed.
 Your diary is password protected.
 It is easy to add new diary entries.
 It is easy to add contacts, photos, audio and text to diary entries.
 Create an automated diary schedule based on the current date and time.
 This allows you to control what is listed in your diary automatically.
 You can sync your diary with an online cloud service.
 A master archive that allows you to organize photos in different albums.
 Check any of your diary entries via web browser.
 This is the simplest diary application I have ever used.
 Supports the following file types : jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, png, psd, svg, psd, ico, eps, pdf, html, doc, odt, odp, xls, xlsx, txt, rtf, eml, epub, csv, xml, mp3, aac, wav, mp4, 3gp, wmv, mpeg, webm, mov, and ogg.
 It is easy to find your diary entries.
 You can drag and drop photos and audio files directly to the diary entry.
 Create a new note using the provided keyboard shortcuts.
 It is easy to save diary entries and make notes.
 Create a diary using the keyboard shortcuts or menu.
 Import an Outlook email or Contacts into the diary.
 It is easy to share your diary entries on social media.
 It is easy to share your diary entries on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
 It is easy to search your diary entries.
 It is easy to create notes.
 You can search for a specific diary

This plugin allows to check total length of lines and arcs using an Advanced Inquiry of points. Add as many lines and arcs as needed and easily check their lengths.
Select the program you want to modify (for example, AIA). You will see the main window. Open settings panel, and add the plugin VLX-in-Panel-length and change values of check list and select how many points you want to use for calculations.

The script’s archive (.msi,.zip or.exe) contains these files:


The script’s source code archive (.zip or.rar) contains these files:


Please, read and understand the instructions before using this script.





1. User interface improvement.
2. Added ability to change all information about vlx.
3. Added ability to change size of vlx window.


1. Some settings are now enabled.
2. User interface improvement.
3. Fixed width of the script window.
4. Other minor bugs.



1. Some bugs.


Initial release

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By using the VLX utility, you can make calculations and presentations easier!

Simple examples

Example 1:

I have a line and I want to check its length.
Example 2:

I want to check the total length of two lines.
Example 3:

I want to check the total length of two arcs.

Advanced examples

Example 1:

I have a line and I want to check its length and I have a point from which I want to check the length of this line.
Example 2:

I have a line and I want to check its length. I have a point from which I want to check the length of this line.
Example 3:

I have a line and I want to check its length and I have a point from which I want to check the length of this line. I have a line and I want to check its length. I have 30ed912023

Mortens Dictionary Maker
YouTube Downloader for Chrome
GUNNER24 Freeware
Arm Adult Filter
123 Pdf to Word Converter for Doc
Alternate HASH-Generator
USB Charge+
Gradebook Power
AddressBook Portable
Easy Beat Calculator
Tableau Server

Networks Notepad Enterprise is a network design software product that allows creating the various types of networking diagrams and graphic representations of any network. Network Notepad Enterprise is a free and simple to use software application which allows you to create the various types of network diagrams and graphic representations of any network. 
At the heart of the application lies the object library which allows you to pick and choose from a wide array of various objects and shapes such as routers, nodes, workstations, printers, hubs, modems, servers, hubs, nodes, optical fiber connections, wireless signals, workstations, VoIP-phone and pagers, wireless getaways, and many more. 
In addition to the object library, Network Notepad Enterprise offers an online object library where you can access and access an extensive list of objects to be included in your diagrams. 
The application also allows you to import and export your diagrams into or out of the application, which can be a useful feature for the mobile users, especially those working away from their desktops. 
Network Notepad Enterprise provides a rather good option when it comes to designing any kind of network diagrams. However, the application could really use a makeover when it comes to accessing its toolbox. Its potential is high and its feature set is promising but an overhauled GUI, perhaps with a ribbon-based toolbox, would really add to its value. 
– Please note that Network Notepad Enterprise requires a Microsoft.Net Framework 3.5 or higher for graphic support. 
– Minimum supported version of Windows OS is Win 7, however it has been tested and works with all major Windows OS (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1). 
– The Windows operating system does not need any additional software to run. 
– Network Notepad Enterprise will need some free diskspace to store your designs, however the size of the package can be reduced by deleting temporary files. 





NOne big step closer to an official Madden NFL 20 release date

EA Sports’ next entry in the Madden franchise will drop on August 2nd. That’s the date that PlayStation, Xbox, and PC gamers were originally told they could expect the game to release. However, a recent tweet from Electronic Arts suggests that the release date may be postponed.

Here’s the tweet in question:

KEYMACRO is a password manager designed to protect files and folders of the computer as well as to keep crucial keys for accounts safe and out of reach.
It can save passwords and codes used for different sites as well as to share files or other things in a more secure and private way. The program is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use, but it’s also free to use without any limitations.
Files and folders can be protected with a simple password, while master password is a free service to protect files that doesn’t require users to remember any characters, a good choice for those who often lose their mobile devices.
KEYMACRO was designed to make the program as secure as possible, with many layers of protection integrated into the process of encrypting, decrypting, and viewing a protected file. In addition to keeping data protected, the utility is fully customizable as well, with the setting of colours and font sizes to fit the needs of users.
Finally, users can upload files and folders to be protected via the options of the program.
Multisync system
The supported file types include: HTML, PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, Zip, C, DLL, exe, bat, reg, and Sys files.
Two types of backups are supported: Full and incremental. In case users need to have a complete backup in a single file, they can proceed to the Full section, while a second tab, Incremental, will allow them to save all the changes and updates since the last backup.
For more details, users can read the manual that comes bundled with the program. If users need assistance, there are plenty of guides and other topics on the official website, too.
Overall impressions
KEYMACRO is a fantastic tool to protect files and folders, while its encryption and security measures make the process very reliable. It’s perfect for sharing files and data, with options for files and folders of different sizes and shapes.
To keep a database of the files and folders users want to protect is very easy, and there are many other options like recovering from a hard drive crash, or a file access error, which are really useful.
A few bugs and issues
Some users have found issues on the app. According to them, the program doesn’t work properly on Linux systems, with some errors reported. However, there are no solutions to the problem as of now.
Notwithstanding, the only negative thing users have to say 30ed912023

Perl Portable
Instant YouTube Blocker Portable
AbRemote Basic
Dolphin Smalltalk
honestech Fireman CD DVD Burner
Resource File Unit
Eject Widget
Toshiba Password Utility
Export Database to Excel for SQL Server
Piano Player
Mark Studio
Japan Bamboo
Honey for Firefox
Uptime Monitor

CodeMaid is a Visual Studio 2005 / 2008 add-in specially designed to enable you to cleanup C# source code, provide some code analysis and several miscellaneous other features that make C# development in Visual Studio even easier.

Cleanup and find obsolete methods, properties, fields, constants, etc.
Detect unused local variables, unused parameters and array and string literals
Detect empty lines in code
Find inherited code in derived classes and attributes
Replace variables with meaningful names
Find and replace several items in code
Provide a code coverage analysis, code metrics, calculate method calls, jump to source, etc.

There are several special commands for refactoring and cleaning up that can be found under the “Refactor” menu. By using the keyboard, you can perform these operations faster and with more accuracy.
See CodeMaid’s documentation for more information.Q:

What is the difference between pd.dataframe.Series.describe() and pd.describe()?

I was going through a code and noticed the following line:
len_df = pd.dataframe.Series.describe().index.count()

This yields:
Series([1, 2, 3, 4], index=[‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’])

The following line works as well:

While the following line also works:
len_df = pd.DataFrame.describe().index.count()

What is the difference? What is the significance of the.index.count() part?
What is the significance of the.index.count() part?


You can see in the sources of pd.describe:
def describe(self):
Describe the DataFrame.

return DataFrame.describe()

Punta Laguna: Maestranza Historic Site

Punta Laguna, once a thriving fishing village of the people of the Guadalquivir Valley, is now a World Heritage Site and a major tourist attraction.

Archaeologists have found that there were probably fifteen thousand people living there, farming the land, growing food, raising animals, and fishing the sea.

The village

All I can say is that this software doesn’t do what I expected it to. It is advertised as being the best disk cleaner out there. So, I’m wondering what “out there” means? There is no big giant list of downloads on the website and I was unable to find a software list or reviews about the program. So, after a purchase, I’m left wondering what it can and can’t do. I also can’t find any kind of help files. The program is advertised as being free. It won’t go away from my computer so I can install it. The only problem is I get a security warning every time I start my computer. It claims I’m not allowed to install it unless I enter a password. Which I can’t do, because I have to start my computer to get to my desktop to log in. And, I don’t know the password. (I’m guessing that’s the whole point!) So, I have to quit and restart my computer. This is a pain. Then, when I restart, my Windows Explorer will work again. So, I open it and go to the location where the software is supposed to be installed. No luck! I can’t open it. I put the CD back in the drive, and Windows doesn’t recognize the CD. I can’t open the program. I can’t log in. I can’t open the program. And, I’m not sure how to uninstall it, since I can’t get to the desktop to make changes. I tried to use the Uninstall Manager from within the program. It won’t open, either. I even tried reinstalling the program. It won’t let me! I can’t delete the program or uninstall it from the Control Panel, either. I tried going to the actual directory. I tried opening the program in Safe Mode. I tried right-clicking the shortcut and going to Properties. I tried deleting the shortcut. I tried uninstalling it from the Control Panel. I tried dragging the shortcut to the desktop and restarting. I tried going to the actual directory and starting the program from there. I can’t do anything. I feel like the software is just supposed to be installed on the C drive, then I can run it on any disk I want to.

Nice and Clean
My computer has been acting up, so I decided to do a disk check to see if it needed an upgrade. What came up were a bunch of questions about drivers, anti-virus, and other 30ed912023

Portable uniCSVed
Outlook Password Decryptor
PE Analyzer
Smart Tab Mute
Blaser CertWatch
Remote MySQL Password Finder
Any Video Recorder
Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro
Fast DVD Converter
DjVu To TIFF Converter Software
Tether (formerly Shark Modem)
Weather Widget
SQL Manager for Oracle Photo Collector

Use this application to view time elapsed for the last lap of a game, track your time for a specific task, time-lapse lap, or save lap data to the file.

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