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Cultivating Agricultural Resilience through the SCALE Project

The SCALE Project, generously funded by the International Development Research Center (IDRC), is ushering in a future where smallholder farmers across Africa can thrive, empowered by accessible knowledge and sustainable practices to conquer climate change.

As climate change’s impacts loom larger, smallholder farming communities in Africa face an urgent challenge: how to adapt while safeguarding their livelihoods. The solution? A systematic and easily accessible knowledge-sharing platform rooted in credibility. The SCALE project steps in as a knowledge broker, dedicated to empowering the extension system.

The overarching goal of the SCALE project is to enhance the extension system’s capacity to effectively disseminate proven knowledge, information, and technology to smallholder farmers and communities. This initiative will specifically focus on Nigeria and Senegal.

Both Nigeria and Senegal represent significant agricultural landscapes within Africa, with diverse agroecological zones and varying climatic conditions. This diversity allows the project to address a wide range of challenges related to climate change adaptation and resilience building, offering valuable insights applicable to different contexts across the continent.

The SCALE project has been strategically crafted with a multi-faceted approach, aiming to achieve the following:

Through these multifaceted initiatives, the project strives to usher in a new era of sustainable agriculture and resilient farming communities.

ATPS will provide regular updates on the SCALE project on our website and social media handles. Stay tuned!

Written by,

Susan Aquila Mburu

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