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Development of Implementation Index and, Monitoring and Tracking Tools for the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in Selected Eight Countries in Africa

Project Duration: 2019
Grantor: PanAfrican Alliance for Climate Justice (PACJA)
Principal Investigator: Dr Nicholas Ozor
Contact Email:
Grant Amount: USD 43,528

Project Description/Background

This project seeks to enhance the African Civil Society Organizations’ (CSOs’) engagement in the climate governance discourse at national, regional and continental levels, enabling them to be at the centre-stage in the continent’s acceleration on the transition to a low carbon, climate resilient, sustainable development through the effective implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

ATPS and PACJA will jointly develop an NDC implementation index and supporting data collection tools to monitor the implementation of NDCs in Africa in compliance with Paris-Agreement and with deep understanding of political economy of African Countries with regard to NDCs and climate change governance, stakeholder analysis of actors and, institutions involved in the development and implementation of the NDCs, and; climate governance, mapping of suitable tools, methods and indicators that exist and may be in use in Africa to improve accountability as well as defining and delineating the  scope of NDCs implementation index including measures that will be used and dimensions that will be covered. It is anticipated that this assignment will culminate in developing accountability mechanisms that will be used to track the implementation of NDCs by Countries in Africa.

The assignment further seeks for critical analysis of the interactions of political and economic processes within each of the Countries on Climate Change Mitigation and adaptation; the distribution of power and wealth between the different governmental and non-governmental groups and individual stakeholders, and; the dynamics/processes that create, sustain, and transfer such processes over time. The assignment takes cognizance of the fact that the Paris Agreement and its attendant driving tool-the NDC is critical in Africa’s climate governance landscape and that it will involve looking at structures, institutions, and actors/stakeholders in the formulation, implementation, and; measuring, reporting and verification (MRV) of each of the Country’s NDCs.

Key Objectives and Activities

The Objectives of this project are:

  1. To develop the NDC Implementation Index:
  2. To develop the Monitoring and Tracking tools to Support Index

Expected Outputs/Deliverables

  1. An NDCs Implementation Index
  2. Final tools for monitoring and tracking implementation of NDCs in Africa.
  3. A clear guideline/manual on how to roll out the index and the tools.
  4. Final report including the political economy analyses

 Project Outputs

  1. Nationally Determined Contributions Implementation Index and Tracking Tools for Africa – Report
  2. Political Economy of Climate Change Governance in Selected African Countries – Report
  3. Is Africa Ready for NDCs Implementation? An Assessment of NDCs Implementation Preparedness in Eight African Countries – Policy Brief
  4. Is Africa Ready for NDCs Implementation? Assessing the Political Economy of Climate Change Governance in Select African Countries – Policy Brief
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