See and manage all the fonts installed on your computer.
Browse the font list by colors, sizes, fonts and styles.
Add, edit, remove or delete fonts.
Create font sets.
Print the font list.
Export all the fonts to different formats, including GIF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, WMF, EMF and ICO.
Export fonts to PDF with text and images.
Install new fonts.
Uninstall fonts.
Use the font manager to view and edit information on any font.
Edit and view information on any font file.
Change the font size, color and style.
Lock/Unlock fonts.
Set page margins.
Customize the appearance and behavior of the main interface and other elements of the application.
Highlight any line in the font list or in a document.
Arrange fonts by size, color, or document.
Search for a font.
Find a font by name.
Collapse groups.


Uptodown does not provide any electronic download of NexusFont. We suggest you to write directly on NexusFont the link that points you to the download page.

Note: If you try to download an older version of NexusFont, you may download a modified and infected file. We recommend that you read the information below, so that you can download the original and correct file. The file you are trying to download is not the version of NexusFont you are looking for.

The file you are trying to download is the emulator of NexusFont, it is not the application you are looking for, but it could be dangerous for your computer. Read the following information to understand how to get the right version of NexusFont for your computer, and download only the emulator.

The file you are trying to download is not the right version of NexusFont for your computer.

To download the original version of NexusFont you have to write directly on the link you want to download the link of NexusFont:

Download NexusFont

We provide here the original file of NexusFont you can download and install directly.

NexusFont is free of charge for personal use and is registered as open source software under the GPL 3 license. We want to be clear that we didn’t find the file you are trying to download on this link. The link you are trying to download is eea19f52d2

A new screensaver for the fish lovers.
Bright Fishes Screensaver brings to you an animated pictures of different exotic fish.
The screensaver has beautiful photo gallery of bright-colored fish which are usually found near the equator of the oceans.
Bright Fishes Screensaver Features:
1. Very easy to set up and customize.
2. Customize your screen as you like.
3. Watch a photo slideshow from a set of photos in a random order or from an album.
4. Have fun with cool effects like Moiré.
5. Choose to see the time, date and an image slideshow or just display a photo.
6. Choose from different time-frames to display photos from.
7. Allows you to control the image speed for a slideshow.
8. Choose from 3 different time-frames to display photos from.
9. Adjust brightness to fit your needs.
10. Choose from 2 types of timers: 12 or 24 hours.
11. Choose your preferred background color, draw the background with your mouse or choose a picture to display.
12. Choose if you want the image of the fish to be displayed on top of the background or not.
13. Choose between 2 desktop sizes, 4:3 or 16:9.
14. Supports the latest Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
15. You can even put your own pictures on the screensaver!
1. Download the file to your desktop
2. Open it, unzip it and run the.exe file
3. Enjoy your new screensaver!
I do not own any rights to any of the pictures and the photos used in this screensaver. I am not responsible for any of the actions caused by the user after installing the screensaver.

Everybody knows the top five in the world’s movie industry and how well do you think they do in general?
Let’s start with the top movie actor:
1. Will Smith
2. George Clooney
3. Leonardo DiCaprio
4. Brad Pittпђz/