PCAlarm is not a full time alarm clock.
Instead it is a “Personal” alarm clock.
Think of it as a service that you run on your computer that will check if it is time for you to be “Woken” and if so it will play an audio file you specify, and it will store your alarm time, so you don’t have to set up a new alarm.
The service will check every hour and update itself so if your clock is ahead or behind the alarm time it will adjust itself.
PCAlarm Personal also includes a system tray icon and a log function that you can view to find out what your alarm times are for that day.
The program can also work as a simple alarm clock but not as a full time alarm clock.
How to use “PCAlarm Personal”:
Simply run the program and it will show you a list of all the time that you have set as your alarm times.
Simply select the time and set your alarm.
If you don’t want the PCAlarm Alarm, PCAlarm Personal will show you the log that it keeps.
The log will include details such as the alarm time, your alarm note and if PCAlarm was able to find the alarm file and play it.
PCAlarm Personal is a useful addition to the computer when you are travelling, you can place the program on your laptop and it will wake you up at a set alarm time while you are out of the office.
If you are at home you can run the program while you are sleeping and it will wake you when it is time to get up.
If you have a lot of alarms set you can store them all in a list and see what times you have and how many times you have been woken up at a given alarm time.
With the log function you can also check what time you went to sleep and what time you got up to give you a rough idea of how much sleep you got and if you are getting enough sleep at the right time.
PCAlarm Personal Description:
PCAlarm Personal is a Windows System tray application that you can install on your computer.
The program monitors the time on your computer and if the time changes it will notify you via an alarm sound that it needs you to wake up.
It has a simple to use user interface that allows you to set up a lot of alarms.
You can have a lot of alarms if you set them up correctly and you can easily set 6e8feb22df

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FB TraceManager Lite is a Firebird client utility that adds support for the newest FB TraceManager 2 in the Firebird database provided for the Firebird Server 2.5.
FB TraceManager Lite allows you to retrieve trace information (including context information) from the Firebird database. It is implemented with Firebird 2.5 semi-structured trace output and provides a graphical user interface to the Firebird TraceManager 2.
FB TraceManager Lite provides a set of tools for data browsing, analysis and reporting on the received trace data. You are able to view all data contained in the corresponding trace file as well as data pertaining to certain events as they are defined in the original trace.
Additionally, the analysis of trace data may include data source, database name, database user and database password, as well as some other context information.
The Event Processing module allows you to define rule-based notifications for a set of database events, such as login, commit, logout and write access on individual columns. The set of events is customizable.
If the trace file was generated by Firebird TraceManager, then the rule-based analysis will be triggered by events defined in the event set of the corresponding file.
Key features of FB TraceManager Lite:
* Exposes the Firebird 2.5 semi-structured trace output with context information
* Recipient/Receiver of the traced data in FB TraceManager 2
* Data collection (in form of trace) from Firebird-based IT environments, either on the server or client side
* Single and multiple trace logging to an included FBTM2.fdb database
* Event parsing and rule-based processing of event log
* Data browsing, analysis and reporting on the received trace data
* Import and export of trace data (each in its own file) to and from a trace log file
* Dynamic and automatic configuration of trace files to import/export settings
* Easy-to-use data collection interface
* Support for all Firebird Server versions
* Free, open-source (GNU license)

ZX Database Framework for C++
ZX Database Framework for C++ is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, high performance, lightweight, embedded database solution for C/C++ and 32- and 64-bit Windows.

ZX-Database for Microsoft Visual C++
ZX-Database for Microsoft Visual C++ is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, high performance, lightweight, embedded database solution


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