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Lesotho Chapter’s Scientific Revival Day Set for 30th August 2011

ATPS Lesotho chapter will be celebrating the Scientific Revival Day on the 30th of August at Lehakoe Club in Lesotho. The main agenda will be “To adopt and launch the African Manifesto for Science, Technology and innovation.”The objectives for the Lesotho Chapter’s commemoration will include the adoption, launch and  sensitization of the general public on the African Manifesto for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI); assisting political parties in Lesotho to integrate STI and entrepreneurship in their manifestos; raising awareness of the ATPS and the  ATPS Lesotho Chapter and encouraging new members to join the ATPS Lesotho Chapter; presentation to the general public the Lehakoe Resolutions which were adopted at the Chapter’s Annual General meeting and to demonstrate products which are relevant to economic setting of Lesotho and Africa whose emergence is attributable to  Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.The forum will not only give a platform for widespread publicity for the recently launched African Manifesto for Science, Technology and Innovation by the  ATPS but to also address the Science illiteracy problem at all levels of the society in Lesotho and to help in sustaining the momentum, passion and commitment gained so far by the  ATPS Lesotho Chapter.A moderate exhibition will be held with intention of deepening the understanding and appreciation of STI and entrepreneurship with various organisations expected to exhibit. The exhibitions will be in line with the key priority performance areas for ATPS Lesotho Chapter; which include Lobbying and science communication (brokering and advocacy), Farming and food technology, Rural industrialization, Integration of Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (STIE), STIE indicators, Reform and good governance for STIE, Advanced manufacturing, Traditional Knowledge Systems, Astronomy with a focus only on outreach programme, Nanotechnology in relation to size of Lesotho, Climate change, Partnerships and leadership/management of scientific network and Implement projects that offer opportunity to have technological feel and fine tune the areas in which we operate.There will also be performances from Famous Jazz Superstar namely Mr. Mahase Kolosoa and an Emerging Jazz Star namely Mr. Thoriso Ralefu; both have made compositions on matters touching on Science, Technology and Innovation.