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The ATPS network functions through National Chapters in 30 countries (27 African and 3 Diaspora chapters). The National Chapters operate under National Coordinators who provide intellectual and administrative leadership at country level. 

Each National Chapter has a strategic plan that outlines priority areas of research in their various countries. These identified priority areas guide the research efforts of ATPS.  Other statutory functions of the National Chapters are specified in the Memorandum of Understanding between the ATPS and its national chapters.

The National Chapters receive funding from the Secretariat out of grants from various donors to perform the following tasks:

  • Pursuing and securing institutionalization in National Councils for S&T or relevant State Agencies and formal registration to enable them to operate as legal entities in home countries.
  • Coordinating implementation of national STI capacity building programs in liaison with the Secretariat Management.
  • Linking Network’s research results with national policy formulation process.
  • Take responsibility for disciplinary action with regard to misconduct of members of the national chapters through its established structures.
  • Advocating & disseminating results of Network activities at the national level for national development.
  • Seeking funding to support national STI capacity building programs from local partners (national Governments, the Private Sector, and national Donor organizations) in liaison with the Secretariat Management.
  • Submitting bi-annual progress and financial reports on all network activities in the chapter to the Secretariat Management.
  • Linking national Network members with other ATPS national chapters and allied Networks.
  • Identifying and determining national STI priorities to inform a demand driven Network strategy.
  • Advocating & disseminating results of Network activities at the national level for national development.

Chapter Co-Ordinator

Mr. David Doepel

Chair, Africa Research Group, Murdoch University

90 South Street


Western Australia 6150


Tel: +61418912287

Chapter Co-Ordinator

Dr. Roch L. MONGBO

Dr Roch Mongbo is the coordinator of Le Forum International pour le Développement et l’Echange de Savoir et de Savoir-faire au Service d’une Promotion Rurale (FIDESPRA), and the Executive Director of Le Centre Béninois pour l’Environnement et le Développement Econmique et Social (CEBEDES) with 18 years of experience in practical and field training. He has held senior management positions where planning and management are part of his responsibilities. He holds a PhD in Agronomic and Environmental Sciences and a Masters Degree in Management of Agricultural Knowledge Systems from Wageningen University, Netherlands. He also holds a Masters in Rural Economics and Sociology from International Institute for Tropic Agriculture (IITA) Ibadan, Nigeria. He is involved in the design, implementation and coordination of several projects including alleviation and food security, natural resources management, institution decentralization and local development among others. Mongbo is also a member of research networks and associations, and a consultant for both international and national organizations.


Dr. Roch L. MONGBO

Senior Lecturer & Researcher

FIDESPRA/Univ. of Abomey Calava and CEBEDES – XU dodo

02 BP 778

Cotonou, Benin

Tel: +229-21304139

Cell : +229 95 96 64 46

Email: or

Chapter Co-Ordinator

Mpho Thabang Rapoo

Ms. Rapoo holds a MEng in Chemical Engineering from the University of Leeds in the UK. She is currently a Teaching Instructor in chemical engineering at the Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) in the Department of Chemical, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering where she is responsible for teaching some modules including unit operations and environmental engineering; she also coordinates final year research projects in the department. Ms. Rapoo’s research interests are in green engineering including waste to energy, biomass processing and sustainable bioenergy systems. She is part of the sustainable energy and research beneficiation and the wastewater and waste volarization research groups at BIUST which are involved in various clean technology projects some of which are in collaboration with industry. 

Institutional details:

Physical address: Botswana International University of Science and Technology

Plot 10071 Boseja, Palapye, Botswana

Postal address: Private Bag 0016, Palapye, Botswana


Contact numbers: (+267) 72 865 060; (+267) 493 1826


Chapter Co-Ordinator

Dr. Benoit KABORE

Dr Benôit Kabore, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, holds a doctorate in education from the University of Montreal, Canada. He has worked in various capacities locally and internationally: at the University of Burkina Faso as a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Training, Research and Humanities and as a research assistant in education at the University of Monteal. He was honoured with décoré chevalier de l’ordre du mérite du Burkena (an award in recognition of achievements made for the benefit of the society).


Dr. Benoit KABORE

Université de Ouagadougou

01 BP 4487

Ouagadougou 01

Burkina Faso

Tel: 226 812008/380715


Chapter Co-ordinator

Prof. Sylvester NDESO ATANGA

Prof. Ndeso Atanga is the dean and Associate Professor of International Health at Saint Monica American International University Buea, Cameroon. He is an Associate Visiting Professorships in Epidemiology, Health Services Research, and Public Health Medicine in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Buea and he is also the Field Research Supervisor for Final Year Medical Students, University of Gothenburg School of Medicine, Sweden.

Additionally, he is a working Group Member of the AfyaBora International Public Health Consortium which trains Future African Health Care Leaders in Leadership and Management Skills.

Prof. Atanga has a PhD in Public Health Medicine from the University of Ghana, Legon, a Masters of Public Health from Yale University School of Medicine, USA and a Masters of Philosophy in Health Policy from The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK. He has published over 25 scientific papers in peer review journals in subjects ranging from public health to social issues.


Prof Sylvester Ndeso-Atanga, MPH,  (Yale), MPhil (London), PhD (Legon)

Dean and Associate Professor of International Health

School of Health and Human Services

Saint Monica American International University, Buea, Cameroon

Working Group Member AfyaBora International Consortium


Senior Visiting Lecturer, Epidemology & Public Health

Faculty of Health Sciences

University of Buea

P.O. Box 63

South West Province

Republic of Cameroon

Tel: + 237-653774599/ 243094176

Cell: +237-99841433

Email: or

Chapter Co-Ordinator

Prof. Arsène KOUADIO

Prof Arsène Kouadio Konan, a Professor at University of Abidjan, holds a PhD in Economics from University of Montreal, Canada, Masters in Demography and has a Statistics Engineering Degree from Superior National School of Statistics and Applied Economics. He is also a consultant with various national and international organizations including the African Development Bank, the United National Development Programme and the United Children’s Fund, among others.


Associate Professor, University of Abidjan-Cocody ; Researcher, CIRES

Director, Laboratoire de croissance Economique

Executive Director, Institut pour le Développement (IPD),

Coordinator, ATPS Côe d’Ivoire,

Coordinator, RIA Côte d’Ivoire,

Fellow Researcher, AERC, Poverty Economic Policy (PEP),

Cocody, Boulelevard Latrille

08 B.P. 1295 Abidjan 08, Côte d’Ivoire

Tel : +225 22 44 60 99

Fax: +225 22 48 82 84

Mobile : +225 07 98 46 80 / 05 95 97 91


Chapter Co-Ordinator

Ms. Manal Moustafa SAMRA

Manal Samra obtained her MA in Political Science with special focus on “Development” in 1998 from the American University in Cairo, after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication, (Journalism) from Cairo University. She is currently a Curriculum Development Senior Advisor in one of the USAID projects operating in Egypt. She is with over 20+ years of experience in the field of development, mainly Education, Transformational leadership, women’s empowerment, and youth development.  10 years’ experience out of 20+ years have been in the Education field, specifically, the TVET sector. Manal’s prime focus at present, include leading and guiding the conceptualization, development and implementation of new specializations in the TVET sector, mainstreaming the gender aspect in the activities of TVET, development of Teachers’ Development and school Leadership, and building the capacities of youth, especially females, in the areas of TVET, environmental mitigation measures and economic growth.

Leading the identification, development and implementing new specializations in the TVET sector includes specializations, such as Renewable Energy, Information Technology & Artificial Intelligence (AI), Modern Trade, Marketing for Financial Services and Software Development. The new specializations are prepared through using the Competency Based Education (CBE) methodology, in compliance with international standards and best practices. This is merely implemented via close collaboration and partnership with the private sector companies in various fields.

As a social entrepreneur who is passionate about sustainable development, community-based actions and collective monitoring; and as an advocate for women and youth empowerment, Manal has worked at and managed several development projects in various national and international organizations to enhance the work done in the area of education, women and youth development. These organizations included the GIZ, British Council, Near East Foundation, Ashoka Arab World, the AUC in Cairo, and AIDMENA.

Manal is the National Chapter Coordinator for the African Technology Policy Studies (ATPS) in Egypt, an African network and Research institute focusing on Science, Technology, and Innovation issues in the whole African continent. In addition, she is a co-founder for Itjah “the Youth and Development Consultancy Institute” institution since 2006; and being a development practitioner and a social development advisor has motivated Manal to believe in the necessity of adopting participatory approaches and policies, such as social inclusion, CBE methodology, Civic and informal education, and community participation to eliminate Egypt’s root challenges.



Mobile: +20 01014467049

Chapter Co-Ordinator

Mr.  Wondwossen BELETE,

Mr. Wondwossen Belete is the founding president of Ethiopia Society for Technology Studies (STS). Belete has more than 20 years of experience in analyzing the relation between intellectual property, innovation and development.

Belete has previously worked with the Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office as the Director of Intellectual Property Protection and Technology Transfer. He was among the team that drafted the current Science, Technology and Innovation Policy of Ethiopia and he participated in the formulation of Ethiopia’s intellectual property laws. In 2004-2010 he served as a member of the technical team for Ethiopia’s accession to the World Trade Organization. Belete has consulted for the Ethiopian Government as well as agencies such as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

Mr. Belete holds a BA in Economics from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia and an MSc in Science and Technology Policy from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland. He has published papers on university -industry linkage, SME innovation, copyright and the creative industries. He is also a member of the Open African Innovation Research Network (Open AIR).


Mr.  Wondwossen BELETE,

Ag. National Coordinator

Director of Intellectual Property Protection and Technology Transfer,

Ethiopian Industrial Property Organization (EIPO)

Telephone: 251-911886709


Chapter Co-Ordinator


Chapter Co-ordinator


Senior Research Scientist

CSIR Water Research Institute

P.O. Box M.32

Accra, Ghana

Tel: +233-24-4748197

Fax: +233 21 77 7170

Email:  or

Chapter Co-Ordinator

Dr. Stephen Karimi

Chapter Objectives:
  • Build capacity for technology policy research, analysis and formulation
  • Improve the quality of S&T policy research for poverty and reduction and environmental sustainability in Kenya.
Dr. Stephen Karimi
Director of Quality Assurance , National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI)
P.O. Box 30623, 00100 Nairobi-Kenya

Chapter Co-ordinator

Mr. Denis Sekoja Phakisi

Acting National Coordinator

Manufacturing Manager

Loti Brick

P.O. Box 8008, Maseru 100, Lesotho

Tel: +266 5885 3389

Fax: +266 22310071


Chapter Co-Ordinator

Dr. Wollor Emmanuel TOPOR

Dr. Wollor E. Topor is the Dean, College of Agriculture and Food Science W.V.S. Tubman University, Harper City, Maryland County, Liberia. Prior to his appointment, he was the dean of T.J.R. Faulkner College of Science and Technology, University of Liberia. He has served as National Consultant in various capacities such as the ATPS – Liberia Chapter since 2011; Knowledge Management Network (KMN) EPA – Liberia; PD 506/08 Reviving Forestry Education in Liberia; FNR-Rio Reporting-EPA; Emerging Markets Group Ltd. for Validation of LEITI; Key Sector Analysis Agriculture (Adaptation) (UNDP-Germany); International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) Liberia Diagnostic Mission; Livelihood and Landscape Strategy (LLS) with IUCN; Liberia Landscape, Sectoral Strategy and Poverty Reduction; and the Governance Reform Commission (GRC) in 2007.

While in exile in Ghana, Dr. Topor founded and served as Program Coordinator of the HELP-Society, a refugee community-based NGO. He is also the co-author of Understanding Diversity: A Study of Livelihoods and Forest Landscapes in Liberia (2009), and together with R. Buntzel, they co-authored Large-Scale Land Acquisitions in Liberia (2013) and Taking the Land without Encumbrance (2013).

He has an MSc and PhD in Rural Development at Central Luzon State University in Nueva Ecija, Philippines.


Tel: 00231-86875802; 00231770115520

Dr. Wollor Emmanuel TOPOR

National Coordinator

Acting Dean

College of Science and Technology 

University of Liberia

Tel: + 231-6875802


Chapter Co-Ordinator

Dr Kingdom M. Kwapata

Dr Kingdom M. Kwapata is a Lecturer in Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology for Horticulture and Forest Crops at the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Bunda College since 2011. He was formerly an Assistant Professor of chemistry and microbiology for health practitioners at the Lansing Community College USA from 2009-2011. He was also a former National Coordinator, Malawi Human Rights Youth Network from 2002-2006. Dr. Kwapata has developed an efficient and reproducible system for in vitro regeneration and genetic transformation of dry beans which has been patented under the international patenting laws. Using the system he has further developed, several transgenic bean lines with genes that confer drought tolerance (HVA1, LEA 3 proteins), antifungal resistance gene (gf2.8 an oxalate oxidase), herbicide resistant gene (B-glucuronidase ), screenable marker gene (GUS) and an anti-HIV pharmaceutical gene (SLPI). 

Dr Kwapata holds a PhD in Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology from the Michigan State University (2006 – 2010), an MSc in Horticulture Biotechnology from the University of Malawi (2004-2006), and a BSc. in Agriculture from the University of Malawi (1997 – 2001). 


Dr Kingdom  M. Kwapata 


Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology for Horticulture and Forest Crops

Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 

Bunda College, P.O. Box 219, Lilongwe, Malawi


Tel: +265-999195477

Chapter Co-ordinator

Dr. Sidiki Gabriel DEMBELE

Dr Sidiki Dembélé is a senior lecture rat the Rural Polytechnic Institute of Training and Applied (IPR/IFRA) of the University of Mali, Katibougou. Dembélé is a specialist in soil fertility management, production of organic fertilizers and agronomic and economic efficacy in the use of fertilizers. He has held senior positions in local and international research institutions including Expérimenter et promouvoir l’approche d’assainissement écologuque (ECOSAN) and the International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF). He has a PhD in agro chemistry and a Masters degree in science. Dembélé brings a good knowledge of science and technology issues that will be an asset to setting up the new chapter.


Dr. Sidiki Gabriel DEMBELE

Agrochimie/Agroforesterie et Fertilité des sols

Bureau Ouest-Africain d’Appui Organisational et de Technologies Appropiées

B.P. E 3730, Bamako, Mali

Tél. : (223) 226 2012

Fax : (223) 226 2504

Cell : (223)   71 3806

Email:  or 

Chapter Co-Ordinator

Prof. Dr. Saïd BOUJRAF

Prof. Said Boujraf is the head of Department of Biophysics and Clinical MRI Methods, Faculty of Medicine, University of Fez, Morocco and the director of Clinical Laboratory at the same University.

He has previously worked as a senior researcher MRI Center, Department of Internal Medicine II, University Hospital Ulm, Germany and at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS), Inage, Chiba, Japan.

He also served as an Associate Researcher, Institute of Neuroradiology, University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland and as an evaluation expert of projects in EU, MENA, African organizations and Universities.

Prof. Boujraf holds a BSc in Agricultural Economics, Postgraduate Diploma in Development Planning and an MBA in Food Industry and Agribusiness. He is the author and co-author of more than hundred papers in science and technologies, assessments of research and research policies.


National Coordinator

Director of the Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory

Department of Biophysics and Clinical MRI Methods

Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, University of Fez

BP. 1893; Km 2.200, Sidi Hrazem Road, 

Fez 30000, Morocco

Tel: +212 667 780 442

Fax: +212 535 619 321


Chapter Co-ordinator

Eng. Lourino Alberto CHEMANE

Mr Chemane holds a masters degree in electronic engineering from University of Pretoria and is currently pursuing a PhD programme on a part-time basis at the University of Stockholm, Sweden. He is a certified CISCO network associate and a member of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE). Chemane is also a consultant for various organizations.


Eng. Lourino Alberto CHEMANE

ICT and Planning Advisor

Executive Secretariat, ICT Policy Commission

Bairro da Coop

Rua Particular Dr. Antonio de Almeida

61 R/C Direito, Maputo


Tel:    +258 21 309398

Fax:    +258 21 302289

Cell : +258 82 3110700


Chapter Co-Ordinator

Surveyor  Uzochukwu Okafor

Surveyor- General

Directorate of Survey and Mapping

Ministry of Land Reform

Tel: +264(0)2965036

Mobile: +264811223311


Chapter Co-Ordinator

Prof Michael C. Madukwe

Prof. Madukwe works at the Department of Agricultural Extension, University of Nigeria, Nsukka and is the National President of Agricultural Extension Society, Nigeria. He once served as a Consultant to the Raw Material Research and Development Council on mainstreaming innovation systems and development of the national Raw Material Research Policy for Nigeria.

Prof. Madukwe is a member, Advisory Committee of Science and Technology Programme of the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) Netherlands; Member, Committee on Science and Technology Programme of the African Union; Editor-in Chief, Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria; Chairman, Independent Grants Committee, UniBrain Africa Project, Forum for Agricultural Research (FARA), Ghana; and in 2008-2009 he was a visiting Professor, National Universities Commission, Abuja. He is also the chairman of NUC Committee on Closure of Illegal Universities and NUC Accreditation Panel on Agriculture.

Prof. Madukwe holds Bachelors, Master’s, and a Ph.D Degree from the University of Nigeria and he has published more than 100 papers in several national and international journals. He is a member and fellow of the Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria.


Prof. Michael C. MADUKWE

Professor, Department of Agricultural Extension

University of Nigeria

Nsukka, Enugu State


Phone: 08037006968

Email: ;

Chapter Co-ordinator

Prof Femi Olokesusi

Prof Femi Olokesusi has a Doctorate Degree in Geography from the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria with specialisation in Environmental Planning and Management. A fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planning, he retired as a Research Professor from the Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER) in Ibadan, Nigeria where he worked between 1985 and early 2016. At NISER he was Director of Physical Development Department for about 6 years and among other professional and administrative duties, and also acted as the Director-General/Chief Executive Officer of the Institute from December, 2010 to August, 2011. A 1994/95 Fulbright African Senior Scholar, he has conducted several studies for several national and international agencies. Examples include Evaluation of UNDP’s 6th Nigerian Country programme on Environment and Energy, Review of 2006 UNDP Annual Programme in 2006. He served as a resource person to draft Nigeria Vision 20:2020 and the National Infrastructure Master Plan. He has also studied the Impact of the National Effluent Standards for Industries and Impact of Irrigation on Women the in Nigeria. Moreover, he served as a consultant to the UN-Habitat in 2014/2015 on the preparation of City Structure Plans for Lokoja and Dekina in Nigeria. He is currently a member of the Independent Advisory Group of the World Bank-assisted Ibadan Urban Flood Management Project and a Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the College of Social and Management Sciences, Afe Babalola University, AdoEkiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. He is currently keen on research in the areas of Environmental Technology, Smart Cities and Smart Destinations. 



Nigerian Institute for Social and Economic Research (NISER)

P.M.B 5 UI Post Office

Oyo Road, Ojoo, Ibadan, Nigeria

Tel:    +234 2 8103345/8102904

Fax:     +234 2 2413121


Chapter Co-Ordinator

Dr. Marie Christine Gasingirwa

Dr. Marie-Christine GASINGIRWA is the Director General for Science, Technology and Research in the Ministry of Education, Rwanda. Dr. GASINGIRWA has represented Rwanda in regional and international fora for the promotion of Science, Technology and Innovation. She currently serves on the National Technical and Steering Committees of different Higher Learning Institutions both Public and Private; She is the Vice-Chairperson National Commission for UNESCO; member of the international scientific committee on Science and Climate of Change in East and Horn of Africa Regions and the Governing Board of EASTECO.

She is holds a PhD in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, MSc Degree in Agricultural Biotechnology, BSc (Hons.)- Zoology and Biochemistry. She has also authored a number of scientific articles in different international journals.

Dr. GASINGIRWA holds a number of professional certificates in diverse domains which include: A ‘Diplôme de la Langue Française, Certificate on Conservation Education, Certificates on General Radiation Safety Training, and Environmental Health and Safety.


Director General, Science, Technology and Research

Directorate of Science, Technology and Research

Ministry of Education



Mobile: +250 785068350

Chapter Co-ordinator

Dr. Kelleh Gbawuru Mansaray


Dr. Kelleh Gbawuru Mansaray

Dean of Faculty, Faculty of Engineering at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone.

Mount Auroel

PMB Freetown Sierra Leone

Mobile: +23278476527


Chapter Co-Ordinator

Dr. Papa Alioune Sarr NDIAYE

Prof. Ndiaye works at the Electrical Engineering Department of the Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique, an engineering school attached to the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar. He has over 34 years experience in teaching and he is in charge of Electronics courses in the first and second cycle and Wind energy courses in the second cycle.

Prof. Ndiaye has performed numerous teaching assignments in Africa: Mauritania, Guinea, Chad, Togo and supervised many engineers in the field of instrumentation and control of electronic systems. He has also personally supervised many research projects (Thesis and Masters) in the field of renewable energies, in particular the study and modelling of wind potential in Senegal, the design of wind turbines optimized for a site and the implementation of hybrid systems for the supply of energy in isolated areas in Africa. 

Prof. Ndiaye was involved in the (EOLSENEGAL)project which manufactured small wind turbines for rural electrification. Over the past two years, the most important wind / solar projects carried out by his laboratory, CIFRES have been the installation of these systems on various sites in Senegal for agricultural applications.


Dr. Papa Alioune Sarr NDIAYE
ESP BP 15475 DAKAR Fann
Tél : Bureau (221) 864 54 18
Fax : (221) 864 21 43
Domicile (221) 820 23 88
Cellulaire (221) 634 58 88

Chapter Co-Ordinator

Professor Mark SWILLING

Prof. Swilling is the Programme Coordinator, Sustainable Development Programme in the School of Public Leadership; Academic Director of the Sustainability Institute; and the Co-Director of Stellenbosch Centre for Complex Systems in Transition.

The primary research focus of his career can be defined as ‘societal transitions’ within the wider discipline of sustainability science and governance with particular contextual focus on urban sustainability. His published research was majorly through institution-building collaborations – an achievement that was recognized in 2010 when he was awarded the Aspen Faculty Pioneer Award for success in introducing sustainability into leadership education.

Prof. Swilling has published over 60 academic articles/books including (with Eve Annecke) Just Transitions: Explorations of Sustainability in an Unfair World (2012) – runner-up Harold and Margaret Sprout Award for best environmental governance book; Untamed Urbanisms (2015); and Greening the South African Economy (2016).    


Cell: +27(0) 83-4597417

Tel:  +27(0) 21-881 3196

Fax: +27(0) 21-881 3294

Stellenbosch University, Private Bag X1, Matieland, 7602, South Africa


Chapter Co-ordinator

Mrs. Nadia Hassan SIDAHMED

Mrs. Nadia Hassan is a researcher and head of the planning department at the Industrial Research & Consultancy Centre. She is responsible for formulating strategic plans, conducting research and consultancy in various aspects of the economics of Industrial Development. In 1999, she was the national coordinator for the Alliance for Africa Industrialization and has led the committees for Assessment of Industrial Policies, National conference for Sudanese industry (2010) and for preparation of the for UNIDO/ Sudan industrial Program 1999/2000. 

Mrs. Hassan holds a BSc. In Agricultural Economics, Postgraduate diploma in Development Planning and an MBA in Food Industry and Agribusiness. She is a member of “Development for Poor Organization”; “Third World Organization for Women in Science”;  “International Federation of University Women”; “Environmentalist’s Society” and “Sudanese Technology & Innovation Network for Poverty Reduction”


Economic Studies Department

Industrial Research & Consultancy Centre (IRCC)Sudan

Tel: +249 911449106


Chapter Co-Ordinator

Prof. Musa DUBE

Prof Musa Dube is a senior lecturer at the department of agricultural education and extension, Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Swaziland. Prof Dube holds a PhD in Agricultural extension from Iowa State University, a Master of Science in Agricultural extension Education from Michigan State, University and a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education from West Virginia State University, USA. He has also been the Secretary of the Royal Swaziland Society of Science and Technology (RSSST) since 1986. He was also chairman of association of the Swaziland association of adult education (SAAE) between 1986 and 1990.


Prof. Musa DUBE

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Agriculture

University of Swaziland

Luyengo Campus

P. O. Luyengo, Swaziland

Tel:    +268 527 40 21

Fax:   +268 527 40 21

Cell:    +268 618 15 79


Chapter Co-ordinator

Dr. Amos Nungu

Director General Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH)
P.O. Box 4302, Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania

Chapter Co-Ordinator

Dr. Eng. John OKUONZI

Dr. Eng. Okuonzi John is the Co-Founder and  Principal Investigator of the e-Kampus Innovative research Project, a software and services innovation framework that has been the core driver of business process improvement at Kyambogo University. He has 15 years of teaching experience at the University and five years of leadership in managing a successful innovative project at the University.

Dr. Okuonzi is a member of the National Expert Group, tasked to advice government on utilization of appropriate technology and a member of the National Intellectual Property Advisory group in Uganda. His passion of being a producer of knowledge other than consumer of knowledge through innovations has resulted into the first most successful local produced university centric system in Uganda. His focus has been to help higher education improve service delivery through digital transformation and by leveraging the utilization of indigenous IT innovations.

Dr. Okuonzi holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and Information Technology. He is a Cofounding member of the Uganda Research and Innovations Management Association



National Coordinator, ATPS Uganda Chapter

Kyambogo University, Faculty of Engineering,

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,

P.O Box 1, Kyambogo, Kampala, Uganda

Tel: +256 782 353034

Email: or 

Chapter Co-Ordinator

Martha Ada UGWU

Mrs. Martha Ugwu is the ATPS National Chapter Coordinator, UK. She is also the co-founder of African Women for Science and Technology (AWFST) which was set up in 2009 to instigate cultures of innovation amongst African women and build their confidence in the generation, use, mastery and self-governance of African STI for African development.


59 Highgrove Road

Walderslade, Chatham

Kent, ME5 7SF, UK

Tel: +447909327708


Chapter Co-ordinator

Dr. Anthony C IKEME

President & CEO

Clintriad Pharma Services

102 Pickering Way, Suite 200

Exton, PA 19341

Tel: 484.753.3405

Cell: 215.380.9920

Fax: 610.384.5455


Chapter Co-ordinator

Ms  Lilian  ZULU

Coordinator, Centre for Energy Environment and Engineering Zambia (CEEEZ)  Ltd, 176 Parirenyatwa Road

Suite B. Fairview, P/B E721

Lusaka, Zambia

Tel/Fax: +260 211 223118


Chapter Co-ordinator

Mr Benson, Mutongi, Zwizwai

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Economics, University of Zimbabwe; MA in Development Economics, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Research Interests: Development Economics, Macroeconomics Policy, Science Technology and Development, Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

Email; Telephone (Mobile): +263772494902 (Land) +263-4-303211 Ext 14282


Benson Zwizwai is a lecturer of Macroeconomics Theory and Policy, and Development Economics, in the Economics Department of the University of Zimbabwe. He has extensive experience in undertaking academic and policy oriented developmental research. He is former Chairman of the Department of Economics and Technology Studies and Deputy Director of the Institute of Development Studies. He has undertaken numerous policy oriented research projects in the area of science and technology policy, including contributing to the drafting of the first Zimbabwe National Science and Technology Policy and the Second Science, Technology and Innovation Policy of Zimbabwe. Other projects include information technology, technology transfer and acquisition, national S&T management and administration and alternative S&T policy frameworks for Southern Africa. He was Director of the Zimbabwe Science and Technology Policy Dialogue Programme (1996 to 2002). The programme designed and implemented capacity building initiatives in the formulation of science and technology policies and programmes through training seminars and workshops, for various stakeholders including senior policy makers in Government ministries and departments; Members of Parliament; Members of Provincial Development Committees; Senior members of research and development institutions, the scientific community and the private sector and academia from different disciplines. The project also involved S&T policy advocacy, including S&T budget seminars, and facilitating stakeholders to contribute to the formulation and drafting of the first National Science and Technology Policy of Zimbabwe which was launched in 2004.


Economics Department

University of Zimbabwe

Box MP 167

Mount Pleasant, Harare

Cell:         +263772494902

Tel:          +263-4-303211 Ext 14282


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