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Papers published under the ATPS Special Paper Series are those commissioned by ATPS as concept papers, think pieces, leading conference papers and keynote addresses. In keeping with our knowledge brokerage function, ATPS publishes, with permission of the author(s) or journal editors, papers (published or unpublished) produced by distinguished academics/researchers for a different purpose but judged by ATPS to be of excellent quality.

ATPS’s publications are mostly available as free PDF files. You will need to download and install the latest version of Adobe® Reader® to view these files

Sub Saharan Chapter of the Unesco Science Report – French Edition
Projet Pour Le Developpement dune Politique Nationale de Tic En Afrique

By Clement Dzidonu. 
Special Paper Series 5

STI Policy Making Self Training Resource Manual

ATPS (2013): Strengthening National Intellectual Property Policy and Legal Frameworks in Eastern and Southern Africa. ATPS Special Paper Series 45

Higher Education for Sustainable Development 1 in Africa (HESDA)

By Dr. Kevin Chika Urama, Available at

Why Informal Seed Sector is Important in Food Security

By Joseph M. Wekundah, ATPS Special Paper Series 43

Why Protect Traditional Knowledge?

By Joseph M. Wekundah, ATPS Special Paper Series 44

By Joseph M. Wekundah, ATPS Special Paper Series 42

Rethinking African Economic Policy: The State, political technological and economic growth in Africa: a comparative study of three African countries.(French Version)

By Arsene Kouadio, ATPS Special Paper Series.

Rethinking African Economic Policy: The State, political technological and economic growth in Africa: a comparative study of three African countries.

By Arsene Kouadio, ATPS Special Paper Series

Tanzania Cluster Initiative Project: An Evaluation Report from the Eight Cluster Initiatives

By Bitrina Diyamett and Adalgot A. Komba Special Paper Series 38

The Challenges of Communicating Science: A journalist’s perspective

By Otula Owuor Special Paper Series 37

From Inventors to Innovators: An investigation into individual inventors in Tanzania

By Bitrina D. Diyamett and Richard Mabala. Special Paper Series 36

Barriers Between Scientists and Journalists: Myth or reality? in Tanzania

By Peter Oriare Special Paper Series 35

Brain Drain: Painting a Picture for Africa

By Divine Ikenwilo. Special Paper Series 34

ICTs and Health Technology at the Grassroots Level in Africa

By Margaret Nyambura Ndung’u. Special Paper Series 33

Special Paper Series 32
The Place of Policy in Applied Health Care and Technology with Special Reference to African Traditional Medicine

By Daniel Noni Lantum. Special Paper Series 31

Promotion of Public Health Care Using African Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Implications for IPR's: Experiences from Southern and Eastern Africa

By Hassan O. Kaya. Special Paper Series 30

Why Africa has Fallen Short of Building Dynamic Agroprocessing Capabilities: Constraints, Options and Prospects

By Wellington A. Otieno and Ada Mwangola. Special Paper Series 29

The Biotechnology Revolution and its Implication for Food Security in Africa

By Victor Konde. Special Paper Series 28

Markets, Institutions and Agricultural Performance in Africa

By Julius Mangisoni. Special Paper Series 27

Special Paper Series 26
Survey of Indigenous Water Management and Coping Mechanisms in Africa: Implications for Knowledge and Technology Policy

By Femi Olokesusi. Special Paper Series 25

Imbalance in Water Allocation Stability and Collaboration within the Nile Basin

By Kinfe Abraham. Special Paper Series 24

Wastewater and Irrigated Agriculture Lessons Learned and Possible Applications in Africa

By Frans P. Huibers, Lucas Seghezzo and Adriaan Mels. Special Paper Series 23

Integrated Value Mapping for Sustainable River Basin Management: Economics, Ethics and Social Psychology

By Kevin C. Urama, Wendy Kenyon, Rob Burton and Jackie Potts. Special Paper Series 22

Globalizing World: Many Promises, Lack of Responsibility, and Challenges for Africa

By M.H. Khalil Timamy. Special Paper Series 21

Networking Technical Change and Industrialization:The Case of Small and Medium Firms in Nigeria

By Banji Oyelaran-Oyeyinka. Special Paper Series 20

An Assessement of Science and Technology Capacity building in Sub-Saharan Africa

By O. Akin Adubifa. Special Paper Series 19

What is a Poverty Reduction Strategy Without Science and Technology? A Review of Science and Technology and Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers in Sub-Saharan Africa?

By O. Akin Adubifa. Special Paper Series 18

Global Governance of Technology and Africa's Global Exclusion

By Banji Oyelaran Oyeyinka. Special Paper Series 17

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Technology Transfer and Poverty Alleviation: Africa's Hopes and Dilemma

By Moses Ikiara. Special Paper Series 16

International Trends in Modern Biotechnology: Entry by and Implications for African Countries

By John Mugabe. Special Paper Series 15

A Science Agenda from an African Perspective

By Turner T. Isoun. Special Paper Series 14

Strengthening National Information and Communication Technology Policy in Africa: Governance, Equity and Institutional Issues

By Melvin Ayogu. Special Paper Series 13

State of Science and Technology Capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa

By M.H. Khalil-Timamy. Special Paper Series 12

Application of ICTs in Africa: Development of Knowledge workers in centers of Learning
ICT Human Resource Development in Africa: Challenges, Strategies and Options
African Response to the Information Communication Technology Revolution (Case Study of the ICT Development in Nigeria)

By G. Olalere Ajayi. Special Paper Series 8

Pursuing Technology Policy Research in Sub-Saharan Africa (Refelections on the Dimensions, Applications and Implications of a Methodological Framework)

By M.H. Khalil-Timamy. Special Paper Series 7

Blueprint for Developing National ICT Policy in Africa

By Clement Dzidonu. Special Paper Series 5

Impact of Globalization on Science and Technology in sub-Saharan Africa

By Musa A. Dube and PBy Mwindaace Siamwiza. Special Paper Series 4

Biotechnology in Sub-Saharan Africa: Towards a Policy Research Agenda

By John Mugabe. Special Paper Series 3

Globalization, Markets for Technology and the Relevance of Innovation Policies in Developing Economies

By Osit Ogbu & Melvin Ayogu. Special Paper Series 2

Globalization and Technology

By Osita Ogbu & Melvin Ayogu. Special Paper Series 1