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ST&I: Tunisia’s Lifeboat!

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Posted on 24th November, 2013by Prof. Jelel Ezzine


This modest contribution comes at a time when Tunisia is trying to find its way to a true democracy, equitable growth and dignity for its people.Youth joblessness in general and the unemployment of university degree holders in particular, were the main fuel of the Jasmine Revolution. Unless the true underlying causes are identified, all prescribed solutions, no matter how ingenious they are, won’t produce the collectively desired results. This short document, attempts to show that the key underlying cause, and thus Tunisia’s Achilles’ heel, is the poor structure of its industry. The analytic National Innovation System (NIS) framework is used to tackle this enduring and complex problem. Standard indicators, spanning the main components of the NIS, are used in an attempt to debunk the culprits, and initiate a collective curative process for our ailing society.

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