WinID is a lightweight cross-platform utility able to give you important data about Windows controls and programs, such as window titles and handles, control classes and styles, and many other details.
It comes in handy especially for programmers, debuggers and testers, or for any users who want to know more about how their program was made and functions.
In order to get the information from controls, you simply need to point the mouse cursor to any window or control on the screen, and WinID automatically displays the details in the primary panel.
An important feature of the program is its ability of capturing dynamic resources, such as text, icons, image lists and others. What’s more, the application highlights the captured window and draws a red frame around control’s window area.
By default, WinID comes packed with automatic window class recognition, but you can also pick the preferred window class manually. Plus, you can enable the constant polling mode for making the tool update the information at a specified time interval and save the retrieved information from controls on the hard drive.
During our testing we have noticed that the program displays data very quickly and without errors throughout the entire process. It remains light on the system resources, so it doesn’t eat up CPU and memory, nor interfere with other programs’ functionality.
All things considered, WinID proves to be an excellent software application that offers useful information about the selected processes. You don’t need special computer skills for working with this tool, as the entire process can be set up with just a few clicks.

WinID-Build 1.1 – Simple and elegant
Build 1.1 is a new version of WinID, that comes with improved user interface. The focus is on improved user experience in the WinID interface, but the biggest change is the new look and feel of the WinID application.
Now, the application looks more appealing, looks more powerful and more modern. It’s much cleaner and easier to use.
The most important changes in the new version:
* New look and feel of the application.
* Improved user experience.
* Faster, more intuitive and more clean user interface.
* Detailed descriptions about how WinID works.
* Help menu.
* Ability to show information about selected processes in the current tab or all processes in all tabs.
* Setting dialog.
* New panel for resources.
* New panel for window class and caption.
* New panel for control class and eea19f52d2

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TextPad is a text editor for Mac OS X that is written in Cocoa. It allows you to edit and create files with other programs such as Notepad and Emacs.

Phone: a free VoIP application for Mac OSX. This VoIP software provides you with a great number of features such as FREE conference calls, unlimited minutes, and support for text messaging, voice messaging, and video calling.

FlashBack is a non-linear player for Mac OS X that can play most video and audio files. FlashBack allows you to view, edit, and store a large amount of multimedia files on your hard drive in a way that makes it easy to remember them and find them.

Hangouts for Mac OSX is a great application for those who are interested in meeting and chatting with other people in the World Wide Web. This software allows you to be connected to multiple chat rooms at the same time and also lets you see your contacts