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The African Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS) team hosted a special celebratory dinner on Thursday, 18th October 2023, to recognize the significant academic milestone of its Executive Director, Nicholas Ozor to the rank of a Professor of Public Policy.

A highly regarded academic, Prof. Ozor holds a double Ph.D. in Agricultural Extension from the University of Nigeria and International & Rural Development from the University of Reading, United Kingdom. His expertise and contributions in the field of Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) policy building on the achievements of his predecessors have positioned ATPS as Africa’s leading STI Policy Think Tank.

Throughout his career, Prof. Ozor has played pivotal roles in various internationally funded research projects that encompass critical areas such as STI, agriculture and food systems, climate change, policy development, technology management, and private sector engagements.

His dedication to advancing sustainable development initiatives in Africa is evident through his successful efforts in securing over 60 million USD in grants.

A prolific academic, Prof. Ozor’s body of work comprises over 150 articles published in reputable international peer-reviewed journals and other multimedia platforms, making a substantial impact in both academic and practical spheres.

The celebratory dinner was attended by Prof. Ozor’s family, including his wife and three of their children, as well as esteemed colleagues and partners. This event was a testament to ATPS’s continued commitment to fostering academic excellence, research, and impactful policy advocacy under the guidance of Prof. Ozor’s visionary leadership.

As Prof. Ozor steps into his new role as a Professor of Public Policy, ATPS looks forward to benefiting from his extensive knowledge and experience in driving positive change and sustainable development across the African continent, especially in the use of research evidence to inform policy and practice.

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