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Women Innovation Challenge (WE CAN) Program

Program Duration: 2009 – 2012 Program Director: Dr. Kevin Urama, Executive Director, ATPSProgram Coordinator: Dr. Sheila Ochugboju, Snr. Communications & Outreach Officer, ATPS Email contacts:   & Women Innovation Challenge Program (WE CAN) is an Innovation Network for Transformational Change for women in STI. It is centered on an innovative Mentoring Program, which joins Strategic Women Leaders to at least 5 women each year, working on individual BreakThrough Innovations (BTIs) across Africa. The BTIs which are generated out of the program are carefully designed to solve an important development problem using innovations in science and technology. The WE CAN Program will therefore establish networks which enhance inter-regional collaboration between women and girls across Africa and foster new Asia-Africa Partnerships to act as good practice. WE CAN is being implemented in four modules briefly discussed below:
  1. Peer to peer collaboration – The WE CAN Programme therefore intends to establish networks which enhance inter-regional collaboration between women and girls across Africa. It will also foster new North-South and South-South Partnerships to increase women’s entrepreneurship and its contribution to economic growth.
  2. Innovation Challenge Awards – An Innovation Challenge Award scheme will be launched to recognize outstanding achievement in addressing development challenges in specific sectors, including Climate Change adaptation and mitigation in Africa; agricultural innovation systems; public health and disease prevention (including HIV/AIDS, malaria and Cholera); Water and sanitation, and sustainable management of ecosystem services.
  3. Innovation Incubator Initiatives (3-Is) – Successful applicants will be deployed with relevant actors in the relevant areas (private or public sectors) on the continent for 3-6 months to incubate the idea or turn it into tangible technologies /innovations to solve practical problems identified.
  4. Post-Doctoral Fellowship & Internships Programme – The 3-6 month placements and staff exchange programmes aim to enable women at the beginning of their research careers to work in a multidisciplinary environments, under the supervision of senior colleagues in Africa, to establish networks to foster systems thinking and innovation under close supervision by experienced colleagues. The programme will also include training and mentorship for scientific writing; science publications and science journalism.
To apply for participation,  click here to download formProgram details:  WE CAN concept note
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