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Responsible STI Advisory Committee​

Responsible STI Advisory Committee

The Responsible STI Advisory Committee acts mainly in an advisory capacity. Unlike the other Board committees, membership of the Responsible STI Advisory Committee is not restricted to the ATPS Board of Governors. Membership includes delegates from the ATPS Board of Governors and a selected number of invited international STI experts. Delegates of the ATPS Secretariat including the Executive Director and the Director of Research, Training and Communications; and members of the ATPS National Coordinators’ Regional Council also sit on the committee in ex-officio capacity to ensure effective communication between the committee and the ATPS Network.

The specific tasks of the ATPS STI Advisory Committee include:

Whilst the ATPS hopes that the Responsible STI Advisory Committee would actively support the ATPS’ STI capacity building effort, because of the numerous demands on the committee members’ time and cost effectiveness of maintaining their advisory roles for the ATPS; the Committee is expected to discharge its duties to the ATPS via e-mail discussions, occasional teleconferencing, video conferencing and request for nominations of referees of ATPS submissions when needed. Where possible, members of the Advisory committee would themselves be requested to referee ATPS proposals, publications and policy intervention plans which fall in their core areas of expertise. ATPS expects to receive special guidance from Committee members on emerging STI policy issues that the ATPS should pursue.

The Committee is chaired by an elected member of the ATPS Board of Governors to ensure that the ATPS Board is fully engaged in, and aware of the advice provided by the committee to the ATPS Secretariat.

Board Membership of the committee:

  1. Prof.  Shaukat Abdul-Razak